Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorced-Why? A Deeper Look at her String of Relationships

Okay, first, we all know that Marc and Jennifer met at work. Jennifer was on one of his tracks or videos, and he was on one of hers. They dated briefly back between 1998 and 1999. During this time, Jennifer was messing around with her ex-husbands Ojani Noa for about a year between 1997-1998.

Then, after the promo tour and hyped were completed and dyed down for the late Selena Quintanilla Perez documentary. Horny Jennifer wanted a record deal, so she was like, SEAN COMBS can do it, heck, he’s feeling me. So, she hopped on that opportunity quickly, and that was between 1999-2001.

But the shootout happened, and she was already messing around with her backup dancer Chris Judd, and that same year in 2001, she married Chris Judd.

Oh, I’m not done yet, while she was messing around with Chris Judd, and later divorcing him in 2002. She also went public with Ben Affleck that same year. This fake relationship lasted until 2004.

You see, Ben knew Jen was an opportunist and was just using him for the image and fame only. Heck, his mother told him so. Ben’s mother knew Jennifer didn’t love him like that. I mean, how? So, Yes, Jennifer is a 

Oh, I’m still not done yet. 

Because confused, Jennifer was literally jumping from dick to dick, man to man, opportunity to opportunity for about 7 years straight, nonstop. Heck married 2 of them and was engaged to one. Hell, she makes the late Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe look like saints. 

 Because horny Jennifer wasn’t done yet. You would think, after all of this, she would take some time and focus on herself. Nope, after hearing that salsa king Marc Anthony was married but was acting single, she hopped on that stick quick, yes, which was during her split from ex-fiancé Ben Affleck. Ben’s mother was right. Heck, it was told that Jennifer wanted to be a Hollywood power couple with Ben Affleck like she was with SEAN COMBS. So, while Marc Anthony was getting his divorce from former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in 2004.

Horny Jennifer and Marc were getting in. Yes, she was messing around with a married man while still fucking with Ben Affleck. I guess Karma caught up with her. Anyway, they married that same year. She broke up with Ben in 2004, and Marc’s divorce was finalized with ex-wife, Dayanara Torres. I mean, the ink wasn’t even dry yet, and Marc and Jennifer got married. Then 4 years later, in 2008, after years of trying to get pregnant, and later while doing in-vitro and fertility drugs they welcomed, twins, Emme and Max, and then they’d shared a few more years of what appeared to be happily wedded bliss.


I mean, they were living nice, Jennifer came up with Marc. I mean, she had own her own money, but she was barely successfully 10 years in the music world at this time. While married to Marc Anthony, who can sing his ass off and is part owner of the Miami Dolphins. Now, I’m talking about in 2009, whereas they were regularly photographed living glamorously around town and magazines, etc. And their fans throwing parades, and they being invited to many upscale places. 

During and after the release of one of my favorite salsa movies El Cantante, something happened before, whereas I think Marc did a great job in. He’s a great actor. However, at the end of the day, realization kicked in. Rumors started to flow, and that’s when they had to explain the stories. Well, let me reword that. They had to denounce the rumors. I mean, would admit to cheating and being a contracted couple for fame and kids. Who would admit that? 

Let’s Get Deep and Scandalous

Did Marc Anthony cheat? 

Well, believe or not, he did after finding out she was messing around with her another one of her backup dancers Casper Smart whom she later went public with the same year Marc and her divorce was finalized in 2011. And that very well-acted, and played out interview she did, was all acting.


Heck, she even wrote a lovely love going wrong book “True Love” to validate and explain herself. It was revealed by sources of Marc finding out she was messing around with Casper had broken his heart. He didn’t want to be around her ass anymore. The sight of her made his heart hurt, even though he was still in love with her. So, yes, he did mess around with horny Jada Pinkett Smith, and yes, they would take it to their graves. I mean, this was around the time she was claiming to be a sex addict and them costarring in Hawthorne together, and Marc and Jennifer were going through a divorce. Oh, and there’s more-

Meanwhile, horny Jennifer’s relationship went public with Casper in 2011 that lasted until 2016. But it was leaked that she was also sleeping around with Pro “Dancer with the Stars,” Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2014. Yes, she was sleeping with Casper and Maksim off and on at the same time. Later in 2016,

Casper and she finally split, and it was rumored she got with Drake, later on, that year in 2016, and they dated until 2017.

She then hopped onto serial cheater, metrosexual Alex Rodriguez that same year in 2017.

So, now 51yrs old Jennifer may have to settle for 45yrs old A-Rod, who is rumored to be using her to improve his image, and also enjoy the label of being one of Hollywood top couples. I mean, two narcissistic people, who care more about their appearance, could be a match made in heaven, despite the rumors of A-Rod cheating and his trust issues.

I mean, he’s always backstage during most of Jennifer’s performances. He knows Jennifer has a soft spot for dancers like herself. Meanwhile, Marc Anthony hasn’t been able to move on or trust anyone since Jennifer. He jumps into relationships and one marriage that ended in divorce and then buries himself with work. 

Where would Jennifer and Marc end up? Well, I think Jennifer needs to get some help. Because it’s apparent, she didn’t love any of these men. She may be in love with Alex, but being afraid of lonely can have you put up with some crazy crap, so who knows. And Jennifer has admitted she’s scared of being alone. Marc will continue to bury himself with work, and maybe one day, he’ll settle down. I just hope whoever he ends up with doesn’t want any kids. Because It’s obvious Marc doesn’t want any more kids.


Wow, I wasn’t expecting to find this out. I am so blown away, and I feel somewhat deceived. I mean, she had more men than Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. This isn’t healthy. All of the overlapping like this. Was she in love with any of them? Then she having people believe Marc cheated. When she was doing the cheating. Heck, got on tv crying, and wrote a book. Oh, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out her connection/friendship with the Kardashian’s. Now, I know-birds of a feather flock together. Well, that’s it, Let me know your thoughts below.



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