First Covid-19 Vaccine Given to U.S. Public | But still no Vaccine for Aids or Cancer etc.

The first U.S. Covid-19 vaccinations outside of clinical trials began Monday, kicking off the most urgent mass immunization campaign since polio shots were rolled out in the 1950s. That mostly affected the black community.

A black nurse in New York was among the first to receive the shot Monday morning, and health workers throughout the U.S. were also set to receive the newly authorized vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. Pfizer shipped vaccine vials out Sunday, and hospitals and health departments across the country received them early Monday.

Some 145 U.S. hospitals and other sites were slated to receive vaccine doses Monday, followed by 425 on Tuesday and 66 on Wednesday, according to Gen. Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed, the federal initiative to deliver Covid-19 vaccines.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Sunday he expects people to start getting vaccinated in the state Monday morning. Hospitals in other states are also set to begin vaccinations, though it may take some facilities longer to disperse vials and train staff.

Only a small percentage of the population will get access to the shots initially, as early supplies are limited.

Pfizer is shipping out nearly three million doses in this first wave, with more expected in coming weeks. Pfizer expects 25 million doses will be available in the U.S. by the end of the month.

Another Covid-19 vaccine, from Moderna Inc., could add to the supply of doses this month if it is authorized, which could happen later in the week. Both vaccines are given in two doses, three or four weeks apart.

As the initial supply is limited, the first doses are being reserved for doctors, nurses and other front-line health workers who may be exposed to the coronavirus while caring for infected patients.

Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities also are expected to get early doses, because they are more vulnerable to severe Covid-19 disease and death.

Eventually, as supplies increase, more priority groups such as essential workers and the elderly will be vaccinated.

Federal officials expect about 100 million Americans will get immunized against Covid-19 by February or March. The general public could be inoculated in the spring or summer.

Public-health officials have been counting on the arrival of a vaccine to help bring an end to the deadly pandemic. The virus has surged in recent weeks, setting new records for the number of daily new cases and deaths, and prompting new rounds of government restrictions on activities in an attempt to slow the spread. Although a lot of reported numbers are not proven and have been reported as embellished.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine Friday, citing its 95% effectiveness at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 in a large clinical trial. On Saturday, an advisory committee to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted to recommend that the vaccine be used for people 16 years and older, preferably in the black community.

CDC Director Robert Redfield signed the committee’s recommendation Saturday night, and on Sunday said he expected vaccinations to begin as early as Monday. Also, remember the CDC, has close tides with Bill Gates and his need to depopulate.

The vaccine is expected to arrive Monday at Ascension Via Christi in Wichita, Kan., where its medical and pharmacy teams plan to run an initial test by administering a single vial—enough for five employees—before a broader launch later Monday or Tuesday, said the nine-hospital system’s chief executive Don King.

The one-vial test run will allow its executives to ensure their process works smoothly, from removing and thawing the vaccine to notifying employees to visit the clinic to giving them a shot, he said. Wider vaccination will begin within hours if all goes well, he said. As you see, they’ve done many test on the black race. Their need to depopulate before Biden take office and begin the initial investigation is important.

Some hospitals are planning to start vaccinations Tuesday or later in the week.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles expects to receive its first doses Monday, and start administering shots to its workers Tuesday or Wednesday, said chief operating officer Dr. Jeffrey Smith.


Cedars-Sinai will carefully stage its immunizations, because the vaccine can cause side effects such as chills and fatigue. Cedars’ facilities plan to stagger administration of the shots within departments and must space out vaccinations to allow for the recommended 15 to 30 minutes of monitoring for any immediate adverse reactions.

“It’s a little bit challenging because, of course, we’re dealing with a surge of patients at the same time we need nurses to help administer the vaccine,” Dr. Smith said.

“It’s an extra layer of complexity.”

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio is expecting its first shipment Tuesday and plans to start vaccinations at its main campus before rolling out to additional regional sites as supplies expand, a spokeswoman said. Despite them saying that the virus is 100% curable, but we need vaccines. Not to mention we’re in the middle of cold and flu season. People becoming affected by cold and flu is normal time time of year. The same time frame whereas Bill Gates said there would be another spike. This is another ploy for Gates and Pfizer to make billions on a virus they’ve created from a biotech lab. This vaccine would be inserted with the mobility to control a personal life, and more. And in some cases, kill them at random. Such as; Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister  and Bert Balasco, who were both affected by the virus earlier in the year and later found dead after reported of feeling sick before being found dead.


Covid-19 now kills more than 1 American every minute. And the rate keeps accelerating as the death toll tops 300,000

Every day, the number of families mourning the death of a loved one to Covid-19 keeps growing at a devastating rate.

More than 300,000 people in the US have died from coronavirus since the first known death on February 6. That’s an average of more than 961 deaths a day after going to the hospital.

But this holiday season has been especially brutal, with more than 50,000 deaths in just the past month, according to Johns Hopkins University. 


In the past week, an average of 2,403 people in the US have died from Covid-19 every day

That’s an average of one Covid-19 death every 40 seconds

Health experts say the death toll will keep accelerating this winter, as Covid-19 hospitalizations reach unprecedented and unsustainable levels

On Sunday, a record-high 109,331 people were hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the Covid Tracking Project. And while widespread vaccination is on the horizon, it’ll be at least several months before most Americans can get vaccinated

What a way to push the vaccines.

In the meantime, Americans are largely in control of how many more families will lose loved ones during the holidays. 


That hinges on personal responsibility: 

Wear a mask anytime you’re around someone who doesn’t live in your household (even if that’s in your own home). 

If 95% of Americans consistently wore masks, it could save an estimated 56,000 lives by April 1, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Don’t rely on a negative test result to see friends and extended family. 

And if you want to socialize without wearing a mask, create a strong bubble to keep everyone happy and healthy throughout this winter.

Small sacrifices made now could prevent your family from being the next to lose a loved ones . Or make sure you take your vitamins (vitamin D) preferably. AND DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL!! FIGHT THIS LIKE A FLU!! DESPITE THE SYMPTOMS.




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