Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Drama


I wasn’t going to comment anymore about this but this story is getting out of control. It seems that Blac Chyna is trying to send Rob Kardashian to the cleaners. I can’t believe she’s claiming that he exploited her. Give me a freaking break! Like there isn’t already a bunch of nude pictures online of her. Heck, she exploits herself. So why is she doing this? Because of vengeance. Rob has spilled all of her secrets and her true self. The facade and fakeness that she likes to portray has tumbled down. Now, she’s trying to re-image herself and make it look like Rob is crazy and that she’s victim. But really pisses me off is that Wendy Williams sided with Blac Chyna. It makes me wonder why Wendy is always siding with the Thot’s and the bad girls, makes me wonder if she secretly is herself.

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