I’m Running in Place (Journal Entry 1)

I’ve been doing this for so many years and I’m feeling so drained and ready to just say fuck it. Because the amount of work I put in a video and then to see it get nowhere. Is so draining and annoying. Then to see people miss my point and think the most hateful things is even more hurtful. But to be honest I’m used to it, it just gets to me sometimes. Anyway, the reason for this reveal/confession is about YouTube and the Wendy Williams show.


You see, I was just starting to establish my channel again for the forth time and also deeply developing my researching skills. When I decided to do a video about Wendy Williams. Then upon doing the video, I had a poor headset and my home computer was literally in our dining room near our fish tank. So, my viewers used to constantly hear running water in the background. Now, If you’re a loyal and dedicated truth seeker you should know that most of them only focused on that. Anyway, the Wendy Williams video went viral quickly and everything that I’d said turned out to be actually true. So, with a viral video, of-course her team contacted me via email and then YouTube, not once but many times. So, I believe they put my videos/channel on the bottom of the feed-list and made sure hardly anyone see it or get notifications. I’ve spoken to them on the phone and via email and got nowhere. They’ve also denied my Silver YouTube button. I’m so frustrated and ready to give up. But I won’t and can’t. Because opening eyes feeds my soul and conscious. I can’t have this knowledge and not speak out. I mean, I can become an ass kisser and keep my answers safe and stick to normal celebrity gossip, and become famous and grow fast. But I’m not a sheep, I’m an individual. I also have a heart and care for people enlightenment and awakening. I guess that’s my downfall and will always keep me held back. To be continued….


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  1. Marty says:

    I am new to your show,because I am an older black woman withgrands / get grands.I happen to be looking for something on YouTube my youngest son shared with me re: the luminarti.I am a God fearing woman but with an honest open- mind,I fact the crazy things that are happening today,the Holy bible speaks of,yes Jesus is on his way back he said all the things in the word will come to pass and the majority has happened. Miss truth keep God first and the truth 2nd,because common sense helps me believe what you are reporting and yes the line to Hell behind Jae-Z and Queen B is very long.I was done when I saw her stretched out on a table of the Lord’s Supper and Jae-z calling himself Jehovah, blasphemous behavior,,there will be more people going to helll than heaven.Remember this there is a haven and hell and you can’t miss them both.There are quite a few preachers that will be joining them also stars/ entertainers/actors the list is never ending. Keep telling the truth.God bless.

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    1. thetruthshow says:

      Sorry, I’m just now getting the hang of this. Oh, and Thank You for supporting me. And Beyonce is something else isn’t she?

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    2. thetruthshow says:

      Sorry, didn’t know I had to approve all comments

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