My Thoughts about Nicki Minaj, Ike and Tina and Inside Peak of Me and My Life- Journal Entry 2-(12/19/2018)

I felt that it was need for me to give you an unscripted and raw insight of how I really feel about my recent videos. 

Ike and Tina

You see, it was really hurtful of some of the backlash from people who thought that I was supporting Ike, and bashing Tina. Heck, even YouTube is fans of Tina. They went as far as to demonetize the video. Even there are worse videos online talking about other people and/or Ike. Also, even though I didn’t show any graphical images or speak any non truths. I spoke the truth and only the truth, that was given to me by people who knew both of them. Oh, and I didn’t say everything, they told me about them. I kept some stuff from the video. But believe me, that Tina wasn’t this innocent angel that Hollywood painted and brainwash many people to believe. Which is one of the reasons she no longer stay in the U.S aside for her new husband. It’s also the reason why after decades she retracted everything the movie said and what others said. The truth was being revealed. Oh, and the DNA that wasn’t a lie. She’s not mostly Native American. Trust me I know, I am, and she is not. However, aside for that I don’t condone domestic violence toward anyone. I being a victim of it myself, I go against that and I said so much so in the video. But it doesn’t matter because thanks to many haters that seem to have a huge problem with me and want to shut me down. Youtube is now watching my channel closely. For stupid damn reasons. There are other channels that talk about gross, and violent missing and/or unsolved cases and they retain advertisers and all, but I get hating ass trolls. Not fair!! Oh and the Nicki Minaj issue… 

-Nicki Minaj 

You see, Nicki Minaj issue is really making me look at her in a different way and anyone whom support her as well. I mean I’d already know that she sold her soul and then some. But It’s the simple fact of the message that she seems to be portraying. Because rather she admit or not. She did support her brother, by paying his attorney fees and posting pics with him during his court case. I mean, if that’s not showing support than I don’t know what. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do know females who have lied on men. 

You know what picture it… 

High School and a young 16yr old junior and her friend whom were apart of the dance team. Why, because I didn’t like all of the yelling and those short skirts and the happy prep stuff on the cheerleading team, annoying, especially at that time in my life. I was more into hip hop dancing. Anyway, my friend whom showed 2 faces. One in front of me that was more out spoken kind of like Gabrielle Union in “Love in Basketball”. And the other face around the other dancers with very little said and safe talk. I guess there was trust issues. Now, her feeling the trust around me was something I had to earned. Not from her, but from the terrible experiences I had in junior high. You see, in junior I was always being accused of saying things about people. When I’d never did. I mean, I was a poor little church girl who so oblivious to the way I looked, act and spoke. Okay, think about it, here I am talking proper, being afraid to curse, and acting proper. I guess I may have came across as conceited. Heck, it took a decade after school and college while looking back at old school pictures to finally see why they were acting like that. Then, to also see why I got molested, raped and then some, so much while growing up. So, while in junior high school I got into many fights, got accused of many crazy things that I didn’t say or do. Which is why in high school I’d told myself that I will be quiet and only speak when spoken to and even then give neutral answers that cannot be preconceived as something else. Which brings us to high school whereas my friend always confided in me. Because she knew I wouldn’t judge and it will stay with me. Even though I was never like that, but whatever.

Models and Sample

Now, my friend whom I will call Gina, to protect her privacy. Well, Gina was very pretty and very flirtatious and no boy in school ever said no to her. By the time we reached 11th grade she’d already been sexually with 2 boys. So, when it came to this one boy whom was on the basketball team, and we will call him David, to protect his privacy. You see David real nickname was triple shooter, because he will shoot 3’s with such ease and little effort. Even though he wasn’t the star on the team. But that was probably because the star of the team was the son of the coach. For name and privacy sake I will call him Jake. Jake real nickname was Deuce and Dunk, because he was really good at making 2’s and slam dunks. Now, Jake and David were so different. Jake love the attention of the girls and the teachers. He used to throw basement and backyard parties all the time. David was somewhat reserved, and very polite to the girls, unlike Jake who was rude and sometimes disgusting. He was like a walking hormone. Oh, he was one of the boys my friend Gina slept with already. But this time she had her daggers on someone else. Someone who was like a young Will Smith. He was funny, smart, and very polite to the girls. He only dated one girl, whom he had recently broke up with because she moved away and transferred  when her mother died. So, now he was single and Gina just had to have him. So, every chance she got, she drag me with her to his house. I was the wing girl, now that I know what a wing girl is, then I thought I was just being her friend. Anyway, he stayed in a pretty good neighborhood. I remember all of this because all that has transpired. You see David had a little sister whom was around 10yrs old. I know because I was always stuck playing with her on the porch steps while my friend Gina make moves on David on the far end of the porch while sitting on a bench. David parents were married, his father was always away at work and his mom was a housewife and very strict, they both were. I remember one time, his mother yelled at him to take out the garbage.

Models and Sample

Now, I remember this, because at the time i’d never saw and/or heard a boy respond and act they way he did to an adult. I’m from the hood, whereas police sirens and gunshots were like music in the background, and kids never respected their parents. Well, except me, my sisters and I were the oddballs, and we still are, in our family. Anyway, upon his mother yelling, “David to get in there and take out the trash,” he responded back like this. “Yes ma’am” and he then said, “excuse me” to us. Went into his house pulled out the trash bag and tied it up. Now, I know because I was able to see him from where I was sitting with his sister on the porch steps in front of the front door while looking inside the screen door. So, he tied the garbage up, something my husband needs to learn before taking it out to the trash. But that’s another subject. Anyway, he then we out the side door, assuming his mother didn’t want trash being tracked across her floor. He then walked up the driveway and then placed the trash bag into garbage and of-course placing the lid back onto the garbage can. Then he went back into the house through the side door. Grabbed an empty trash bag and placed into the garbage can and put the lid back on and walked to the sink and washed his hands. But this is where you would have thought that he would’ve just came back out. But he didn’t, he walked to his mother and asked was there anything else she needed. She said no faintly while watching tv and then came out and apologize and walked over to Gina and continued laughing and talking. We’d visited him several times, and I didn’t go with her all of the time. I had choir rehearsal or just lied to get out of going with her. Until one day, while I was in the library and I remember this, because I kept having to tell her to keep it down. All I remember is, is she coming up to me, huffing and puffing while repeating, “how he gone break up with me? Who he think he is? I will show him?” Now, I remember this, because I was trying to read and she was pissing me off. The library was the only place where I felt safe and had quiet. It was my sanctuary. So, out of nowhere, I just said, “I didn’t know you two were together and I said so who cares, and that you wasn’t his type anyway.” Well, that must’ve pissed her off, because she stormed out of the library and the next thing I know I get a visit from the cops about a rape. They were asking me, if I knew him and her, I said yes. They ask if I knew if they were sexually active, I said I didn’t know, and I didn’t. They ask me where I was at a certain time of day, and that was it. Then upon me going to school Gina and David were the talk of the school. Everyone kept coming up to me asking me questions. I was like I don’t know, and trying to stay out of It. But the things that Gina accused him of were shocking. I used to observe David, and yes I liked him, but my friend was dating him, so I kept my distance. Anyway, I used to see many girls trying to get at him, and he always kept his distant and fended them off. He even did it to Gina who was very touchy feely. I mean, he was a gentleman, unlike his teammates. Heck, he never talked like them and when the other boys were trying to get their feel on and hollering disgusting, weak and sexist lines. He be the only one standing back with his hands in his pockets shaking his head. Hell, his teammates used to tease him about it and said that he was afraid of girls.

27 Jul 2010 — High school friends in corridor — Image by © Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis

So, to hear that story, was weird and I knew the truth. But I didn’t say anything. Besides I didn’t need to. Because the charges got dropped and they transferred him to another school and Gina got sent down south to stay with her grandparents. Man, I was so lonely after she left, and I had to deal with the dance mates thereafter. Because upon her leaving I became the team leader, and that was a headache. But it did prepare me for the future. Anyway, if you all are wondering what happened to them. Well, the last I’d heard of Gina was that she have a lot of kids, and I don’t think she’s married. At-least I didn’t see that on her status in Facebook. David is married and he has 2 kids, and he seem to always post his vacation, family and co -worker pics. He’s still fine as hell. He became a field tech of a big company. Yes I know, I stalked him upon typing this. But I never commented and friended either of them. That was the past, and we all moved on. So, you see, some women can be scandalous and very deceiving. Because if you ever saw Gina then you would’ve thought she was this innocent young girl, after all she knew how to play the game. She was raised to be very independent and conning, and to always get what she wants. No one said no to her. Well, that’s it tell me your stories below and I hope this clears up somethings. 

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