Meghan Markle and Prince Harry blowout-She Has Had It!

I’m sure most of you already know about all of the scrutiny that Meghan has to endure. Especially in the UK where she lives now. It has been noted, it’s like hell. From them calling her out on the money the royal family spends on her, or what she does, or not do, or not say, or her decorum. They’d call it all out. Richard Madeley couldn’t have said any better. Meghan has stepped in a snake pit. He also went on to say that Diana had the same experience upon being married into that family. Because it seems that within a year the honeymoon was over with them and the public. But why? Well, let’s talk about that. But first let me paint a clear picture of what she had to give up for Prince Harry.

Well first, before marrying Prince Harry Meghan was already, traveling, doing charity work, being a humanitarian, also giving speeches, doing food segments and so on. She was acting in her repeated series of “Suits” and was very good at it. After-all she did go to college for it. Her future was looking great.

But then Prince Harry came along, she grounded him, and they fell in love and they’d showed the world that love conquers all. The public loved them, she was America’s and/or Hollywood’s princess. She prove that you can marry your prince. It was like the story of Cinderella and everything was perfect for once.

But then reality hit, Meghan and Harry were over clouting some other couples and that wasn’t good.

But it wasn’t just that, it was the fact that Harry was on a prowl for sometime now, and it was told that he had to find a wife quick. The bachelor life was upsetting his grandmother and father. So, he went out with many suitors and they apparently weren’t doing anything for him. More than likely, out for a title, status and money. So, he dropped them quickly, and went outside of his country to find that special someone. Someone who had her own money, house and career, and didn’t need him. But like I said before, although he compromise the unwritten tradition of marrying someone from the UK, he didn’t give up anything. It was Meghan who literally gave up everything, her career, her house, her social life, everything. To gain constant scrutiny and being constantly lied on. Oh and it has been recently reported that to avoid the constant hate. Meghan has found herself mostly alone and stuck behind the palace walls. As we all know, being a member of the royal family can be “incredibly isolating,” because you don’t get to leave the house very often, and outsiders aren’t really allowed inside the family. So, we can say that the honeymoon is “100 percent over” and it had been reported that Harry no longer gives into Markle’s every wish and demand like he did at the beginning of their relationship.

However, the fictitious never ending rumor of a feud with Prince William and Prince Harry. That has been long over, and Prince William has accepted that his brother has grown up. Besides Kate and he, marriage has been estranged for sometime now. From his cheating rumors and the divorce rumors and/or separation rumors. Then, Meghan being estranged from her dad. The reality of Markle’s royal life is more like “being in golden handcuffs” instead of the fairytale life it appears to be from the outside, on the inside it’s absolute hell.

Nigel Farage

A royal commentator name Nigel Farage recently said that Prince Harry has gone from being a “young, brave, and boisterous” British soldier and one of the most popular royals in decades to watching his popularity fall a cliff since meeting Markle.

Royal baby. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their baby son, who was born on Monday morning, during a photocall in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle in Berkshire. Picture date: Wednesday May 8, 2019. See PA story ROYAL Baby. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire URN:42740579 (Press Association via AP Images)

So, it has been told that Meghan has been constantly talking about divorcing Harry, and taking her baby and coming back to America or somewhere else, she’s had it. Here’s the tea. It seems that Meghan and Harry got into a screaming match and Meghan stormed out and took baby Archie with her. It has been reported that Harry pulled Meghan aside and explained to her that she can’t just do what she wants to do anymore. And that it was making everyone including the queen, look like fools. He even went far as to list all of Meghan’s recent blunders and went beserk. It was reported that she yelled “that she wasn’t going to become another dowdy duchess like her sister-in-law, Kate” She went on to say that he’d married her because of her celebrity status and of her celebrity friends, which she did have. I mean, we can admit, Harry loved it and he loved that world. She then walked out and grabbed some belongings and Archie and drove off. It was reported that she went to a very exclusive London hotel. Meanwhile, Harry was frantic because she took off without security detail and he had no idea where she was.

After a few hours she finally called him, but it wasn’t to apologize. She gave him an ultimatum and said to him “get your family off my back or we’re through.”

Now, you all have to understand, that some of these next accusations were taken out of context. Like for example; they’d accused her of thumbed nosing at the Royal family to guest edit the women trailblazers issue of British Vogue and didn’t include the queen. When it was really told that the queen declined it, like she has many times with magazines rather there British or not.

Then, they accused her of boycotting Donald Trump last visit, because of what she’d allegedly said about him prior to meeting Prince Harry. When it was actually noted from Harry, the Queen and Prince Charles for her not to come. Heck, Prince William didn’t even come. Considering, Donald Trump previously saying something about Kate Middleton sunbathing in the nude. But I see they didn’t say anything about that.

Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex Credit: Sussex Royal/Instagram

Oh, I’m not done yet, they even accused her of secretly masterminding a commercial clothing venture with two Britain’s High street stores, that’s apparently a royal “no no”. I can go on and on, of all they accused her of. But it’s only proving that they’re trying to control her and have her subdued to their old fashion way of doing stuff. I mean, they’d complained about her spending the money. But won’t allow her to make any money of her own. They’d complain about her not including anyone from the UK, when the queen denied wanting to do it in first place and has a history of not appearing in many magazines. I must say, of all of the members of that family, Meghan is the only one who’d actually made a living on her own without anyone’s help prior to joining this family. If I was her, I will be planning my divorce and coming back to America or elsewhere and living out my dreams of being a model, actress, activist, humanitarian, and a model citizen. Harry and I can set up some arrangements. But I will be so out. But first note, the Royal family won’t allow this, because they don’t allow anyone of their kind to be raised outside of their country or without them. So, I’m not sure how she will do this.

Now, it has been noted that Harry isn’t about to have his family broken apart, because he loves his son and Meghan. So, it’s been talked, that he’s thinking of giving up his title and leaving the family. But it was told that he doesn’t want to abandon his other responsibilities and causes that he’d started. But he will and he said so much to his father and the Queen, if they don’t tell the press to back off. He even included, that if something happens to Meghan or his son, he will most definitely leave the family, his late mother Princess Diana was enough. Which brings us to the next issue that they’ve released. Prince Charles decided to take some of the heat, after-all he’s used to it. I mean, let’s be real, when Harry put his mind to something it’s no stopping him. I have to say, I think Harry would own up to his promises. Oh, and far as spending the royals money, please, Prince Charles spends it like it’s nothing. So, does his siblings and their kids. I also think they do need to give the wives more independence and allow them to do more than just charities, events, appearances, have babies and so on. I think Meghan, will be and maybe already the start of that conversation. Something needs to change and they need to step into the 21st century. Goodness, Enough, I mean, they got this girl scared to come out of her own house. It was reported from Beyonce and Jay Z confirming what her father said, “she seems terrified and trapped.” I give it a year and we’re going to start seeing a drastic difference in their demeanor while out in public. It will be more typical and ordinary. But please remember, Meghan is an actress, she can fake it better than Kate. Well, that’s it tell me your thoughts below. Do you think Meghan and Harry will divorce?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    YEA I think they’re going to be divorced within the next 2 years..

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    1. thetruthshow says:

      Me too


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