Cuba Gooding Getting Arrested | What Really Happened?

Now, first of all this case is weird and it doesn’t make any sense. Okay, it seems that a woman told the police that she was with friends when she was confronted by a male a patron whom she described as Gooding. She then said that he’d grabbed her breast and that she had protested at the unwanted touching and they argued about the encounter. Meanwhile, after she left the bar that is when she called 911 to report it, take a look, right here.

 However, it seems that this report mirrored another incident back in 2008, when another victim said that Gooding grabbed her buttocks. But it still doesn’t ringer a pattern. Oh, I’m not done yet. Because there was another incident in 2012 whereas Gooding faced similar trouble when a New Orleans bartender who accused him of pushing her. The unnamed female bartender told police Gooding stopped by the Old Absinthe House in the French Quarter and soon became angry with other patrons who recognized him and wanted to take pictures with him.

The bartender told police she asked Gooding to calm down, at which point he allegedly pushed her away. Another employee called 911 and told Gooding to leave, and as he left, he pushed the bartender again, police said. She eventually dropped the charges. But that isn’t remotely close to the other incidents. With all of this aside, Cuba turned himself in, and he was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor, and sex abuse in the third degree relating to an alleged groping incident last weekend in New York City. Cuba’s lawyer said this, “In my 50 years, almost, of practicing law, I have never seen a case like this one because there is not a scintilla of criminal culpability that can be attributed to Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr. after I have extensively, with my staff reviewed the video of almost two hours which reflects the entire event for which we are here today.” He went on to say, “Mr. Gooding has not acted inappropriately in any shape or form. Nothing in the video could even be considered ambiguous and I, frankly, am shocked and horrified that this case is being prosecuted,” He also said that Gooding has denied the claim and incident. But he refuses to pay this woman. He has been noted saying that he will go to take this girl to court before that happen. 

My opinion, I think that these incidents were women looking for fame and money. I’m glad that he’s not letting them win and is taking them to court. Now, if this really happened, she will agree to take him to court and see him prosecuted. But if she’s just out for money she will ask for a quick settlement to make it go away. If I was Cuba and I was innocent I wont pay her crap, I hope his lawyer, sees this as will and don’t drag this, what it seem unnecessary case along for pubic and monetary gain. Well, that’s it tell me your thoughts below. To Watch Full Video click link below..

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