TRAVIS SCOTT COOL WITH CARDI … Despite Grammy Drama In Netflix Doc…Is the Face of Hip Hop Changing?

I’ve said this many times, but now it really needs to be said. Cardi B, fame and her success is being manipulated by someone much higher than her. You see, Cardi B is what they’re changing it too. They want it to be more controlled, and lighter skinned. Because if you go back, the face of hip hop has drastically changed. It’s not about the blacker the better or the more urban. They don’t do messaged songs anymore.

They want songs that they choose and that are acceptable. Cardi B is a depiction and representation of many great rappers. She’s literally a clone of many great rappers. Nothing original not even her lyrics. No offense she’s a puppet to the industry. She too is the ending result of what female hip hop has changed too just like many rappers in the past. They started off embracing their roots. But now that beauty and the face of hip hop is now changing and getting lighter and non-black and/or colored or urban. Or the afro hair, the mini afros and dreadlocks are not acceptable. It’s about the good looking hair, but with many colors and more accepted on brighter face. I mean look at the transition in many of these female rappers.

So, you see, the transition is complete. Signs of this was with Lil Kim confusion, that flowed to Nicki Minaj, and later result Cardi B, who in my opinion, you know what, I’m not going there about her. But you get my point.

I mean, have you heard about all of her nominations. But the questions is, for what? I will tell you, they want to change history, and the root of hip hop. They already did it with the history of Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens and so on.

Heck, they’re getting so good at the change and brainwashing. That they had Jennifer Lopez headline Motown. Yes, Jennifer Lopez who’d started off, using blacks/colored rappers/talents to get ahead in the music world.

Then when she saw a window, she was out and never looked back. Heck, she barely socialized with them or work with them. But she knows in certain situations she doesn’t have a choice. Oh her karma will come.

What I’m trying to say is, they’re trying to reshape female rappers. They want it to be more latina and lighter skinned. I mean, who will be the perfect person to get this done. Yes, you’d said it. Desperate and not very bright Cardi B. I mean, they’re going to milk/publicize her, like Drake.  She will become invincible and more powerful than ever. That’s unless some of our older legends stop being chickens and speak up. Heck, the men do it all the time. Tell me what you all think?  

Meanwhile the last Grammys was a clear confirmation of what I’ve been saying. Travis Scott may be affiliated with the Kardashian’s, but aside for what I’ve heard of what he may have done in the past. He is a great rapper. So, he should be upset and he was. But from what I was told one of the rapper vets such as Kanye West and many others. Told him to not sweat it and that it was pointless. So then you hear that Travis Scott had no ill will toward Cardi B for taking home the Grammy for Best Rap Album, despite what fans might think after watching his new documentary.

Travis’ “Look Mom I Can Fly” project dropped on Netflix Wednesday, and there’s a part when Travis is visibly upset after Cardi took home the trophy back in February. A lot of people who’ve seen it already thought Travis was angry at Cardi. But sources close to Travis tell us it was absolutely NOT anything personal. We’re told his emotions only surfaced because of all the hard work he put into his “Astroworld” album … and he just really wanted to win, plain and simple. But sometimes it’s not about winning an award doesn’t proved that you are great rapper or a great singer and so on. It’s nice to have, but at the end of the day it’s about how you feel about yourself. Fans don’t care about how many awards you win. They became a fan because they like you. Tell me what you think below.


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