Family friend Nathan Burgess reveals how she saved his life

Kathie Lee’s idol, evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson at work Randy Cronk, Kathie Lee’s rumored boyfriend, the first since her hubby died ONLY IN GLOBE!

EVANGELICAL Kathie Lee Gifford’s plan to become a TV preacher got a big boost from Nathan Burgess, the 62-year old family friend who insists the former Today show star healed him of his suicidal mental illness with her miraculous TOUCH!

Kathie Lee Gifford and Randy Cronk

“Without Kathie Lee’s love and support I would not have made it through those very dark days,” declares the Dallas, Texas, inventor. “I believe she has spiritual powers!”

Devoutly religious Kathie Lee, now 66, met Nathan as a coed at Tulsa’s religious Oral Roberts University after becoming a born-again Christian at age 12.

She was dating his brother Larry when Nathan, then 19, inhaled toxic sulfuric acid fumes at the printing company where he worked. He says the incident triggered a dark mental spiral into a deep depression and psychotic thinking.

At one point, Nathan says he “swallowed a bottle of pills,” but was saved by “a police officer who spotted me inside my car.”

Shortly after, he tried to blow his brains out with a 17-gauge shotgun while lying in bed, but “amazingly, the pellets just grazed my head.”

He was sent to a psychiatric hospital where alarmed Kathie Lee rushed to his side.

“She held my hand and looked into my eyes and said: ‘Nate, God loves you, we love you, and I will pray for you always,’” he recalls.

“Those words and her touch” turned his life around, says Nathan, who believes she has faith-healing abilities.

He went on to invent an immune system-boosting drug and have three kids with wife Debbie after Kathie Lee worked her miracle.

Now, as GLOBE reported, Kathie Lee, whose idol is 1920s evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, hopes to inspire millions as a TV preacher. She’s also moved to Nashville and found a new man, the first since the 2015 death of her beloved hubby, NFL football legend Frank Gifford.

The beauty was spotted canoodling with 56-year-old insurance agent Randy Cronk at a concert, where she grabbed him and gave him a big smooch. Days later, they proudly posed together!

“I’m open to love,” she says. “Maybe I have found love already. We’ll see.”

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