I have something in my heart and mind couldn’t stay quiet about this. So, with that being said, I will be talking about the conspiracy and plot against Bill Cosby. 

Okay do note that I’d already did a video about this. I will leave the link below. 

But I do want to touch on somethings. Like for example;


There isn’t any evidence to support any of these claims. It was reported that this Constand dude looking chic allegedly in 2004, Bill Cosby sexually assaulted Andrea Constand at his Cheltenham residence in Montgomery County, PA.  Constand would later file a criminal complaint against Cosby in January 2005. At that time, the police indicated that no charges would be filed against Cosby due to insufficient evidence. Interestingly enough, the District Attorney, at that time, told Cosby he would never bring charges against him. Constand would later file a civil action against Cosby. The case was settled out of court and the case was closed.


Then allegations re-surfaced during a stand up routine by comedian Hannibal Buress in 2014.

Comedian, Hannibal Buress

As a result of the allegations, a ground swell of controversy brought forth 60 other women who also alleged that Cosby had raped them as well. One was Chloe Goins. Goins alleged that she was raped on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion. She later sued Bill Cosby in 2015. Her 2015 lawsuit was later dismissed. The allegations were based on a 2008 claim. This case was again settled out of court for an undisclosed amount in 2006. The fact that the alleged rape occurred 2 yrs after the settlement was never questioned. Oh it was noted that both women wanted to work with Bill but he never fell through with it. Now, during pre-trial proceedings, the Defense sought to introduce a witness that would counter the alleged victim’s allegations. The trial judge denied the Defense the opportunity to introduce this witness before the Court to testify. Despite this denial, Cosby obtained a mistrial in June 2017 due to the fact that the jury could not come to a unanimous decision in the case. The District Attorney vowed to retry the case. Charges were filed and in April 2018, Cosby was back in Court. Again, they wanted him bad!! You see, the witness that was prevented from testifying previously was now allowed to testify. She told the Court that Constand fabricated the charges as a way to extort money from Cosby, as well as for future purposes like book deals. The Prosecutor produced Constand’s initial police report and deposition transcripts from 2005. The Defense countered by producing flight logs and itineraries from Cosby to show that the incident could not have occurred when Constand alleges. The result would be to render these charges outside of the statute of limitations. Or at the very least, they would cast suspicion on the veracity of Constand’s allegations. But the Prosecutor countered only by saying that the logs and itineraries may not be accurate. So what do we have? An unsealed deposition where Cosby admitted to giving women (at their request my I add) whereas quaaludes and having a consensual encounter with this dude looking Constand. Which have been noted as fabricated and made up. You see, they saw decades ago that Bill was going to be a threat. I mean, not only was he funding many colleges, but he was going to buy NBC years ago.

You see an ex illuminati member has come forward alleging that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations in order to prevent him from buying TV network NBC, back then and again 3 years ago when these allegations took full blaze this time. This illuminati insider says that Bill Cosby became so much of a threat to the establishment that they had to invent these accusations against him in order to destroy his career. So, they concocted these allegations to destroy his character and legacy. They had already warned him many times, first by killing his son. Then he came out with The Bill Cosby show in 71′  that ventured off to the Cosby Show that we come to love. Then every-time he announced a new project this scandal falls into his lap. But this time we have social media/ internet so the story went viral faster. Oh, and when they didn’t have any colored and/or black women speaking of these allegations. They get well-known around the way Beverly Johnson to alleged many things against Bill.

Posed portrait of American actress and model Beverly Johnson in 1977. (Photo by Gems/Redferns)

But what they didn’t say about her was that she tried to get a job working for him, but Mrs. Camille Cosby and Bill was like hell no. So, there’s her motive right there. I can go on and on, but I think you  get the freakin picture. Now, how much you want to bet that he will be found dead, and then the truth will come out that these lying 🤬 were in fact lying. Meanwhile Bill’s legacy, history and family is destroyed. But you still have Harvey Weinstein, whom have video and audio recordings and also high ranking actresses that have admitted to his assaults. But you see he’s white and have more pull in Hollywood then Bill so they just redirected the attention off of Harvey and he only got the damn ankle bracelet. Matt Lauer raped a girl in his office among other things and he only got fired that’s it! The same with Bill O Riley and others. Shit the actor from Seventh Heaven, Stephen Collins admitted to what he’d done and nothing happened to him, NOTHING!!

You see, this is nothing but a social lynching of a black man. But what really hurts is, is no one stood up for him, NO ONE!! All the celebrities and comedians whom he inspired didn’t say anything, or had his back. They were too scared, for their reputations and careers.

It seems that the the judge Steven O’Neill has a history of being a member of the KKK .

Bill Cosby’s long-suffering wife Camille on Wednesday accused a Pennsylvania judge of trying to turn the disgraced comedian into a “brutal, black buck.”

Camille Cosby dropped the racial slur in a scathing response to Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, who said Bill Cosby had a “signature” pattern of sexual assault.

“Now, after more than 50 years of work, that humanized the dehumanized; which also challenged the perpetual architects of racist, exploitive and greedy maneuvers that have enabled them to divide and conquer…my husband has been severely redefined by Judge O’Neill, despite having zero proof,” Camille Cosby wrote in a statement posted to her husband’s Instagram.

“Judge O’Neill, with a great deal of help from the media, has tried to turn Bill Cosby into one of the most insidious stereotypes of African American men…the brutal, black buck.”

In a court filing released Tuesday, O’Neill justified allowing five Cosby accusers to testify at the fallen funnyman’s sex-assault retrial.

“The defendant’s actions were so distinctive as to become a signature,” the judge wrote. “The striking similarities between the assaults alleged by each woman were not confined to insignificant details.”

Cosby has appealed — and recently accused O’Neill, who is white, of “racial hatred.”

The 81-year-old pudding pop pitchman is currently serving a three- to 10-year sentence for drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004.

In his own statement on Instagram, Bill Cosby called his wife of more than 50 years “a fearless warrior against corruption and bigotry.”

“She’s not afraid of this unethical judge, nor am I afraid of O’Neill’s grossly immoral tactics. Keep fighting…Dear…I Love You Very, Very Much,” he said.

In the meantime Bill Cosby has become a great influence on some of the inmates fathers in prison. I’m going to stop here, because it hurts too much to talk about this. Tell me your thoughts below. To Watch Click Video Below

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