Billionaire blackmailer schemed to sink claws into the rich & famous

The Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City (left) is where Epstein’s body was found on Aug. 10

KINKY billionaire Jeffrey Epstein stocked his mansions with teenage “masseuses” he ordered to have sex with politicians and other fat cats while touring the world on his flying bordello — dubbed the “Lolita Express” — and documenting it all with photographs and notes to add to blackmail files he kept on his guests!

The sleaze merchant, who was found dead in his prison cell under questionable circumstances, was a powerhungry expert at honey traps, where forbidden sex is used to catch targets in compromising positions.

As a result of his wicked ways — and 2008 imprisonment for procuring an underage girl for prostitution — former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew have come under scrutiny for their association with the sex fiend, who was freed in 2009 and arrested again on sex charges in 2019.

Epstein, who perished in a federal pen on Aug. 10, used to boast about the secret dossiers he kept on celebrities. Lawmen have raided his luxury pads in the U.S. and Caribbean looking for evidence against him and his associates in a crime ring.

A law enforcement source tells GLOBE, “There is a treasure trove of computer files, documents, and videos.

Predator used forbidden sex as bait & teens paid terrible toll to ments, little black books and incriminating pictures that Epstein stashed inside his houses.

“When the contents come out, it will cause absolute chaos. He came into contact with the most prominent people in every field: Hollywood, business and royalty.

“Almost anyone who met him in the last 20 years under the most innocent circumstances is now panicking they could have been caught on camera or video at a party. Some people are terrified they were set up to make it appear as if they were doing something that looked less innocent than it really was.”

Wall Street whiz Epstein struck it rich around 30 years ago and used his enormous wealth to help befriend the most important people in the world.

The cunning con man was constantly surrounded by young girls. He’d invite his pals to party with them either at his enormous residences in New York, New Mexico or Florida, on his private island in the Caribbean or aboard his private jet — staffed by gorgeous models and young women. A year before his most recent arrest by the FBI on sex trafficking charges, Epstein boasted to a reporter from the New York Times that he knew the secrets of many rich and powerful people, including their “sexual proclivities” and “recreational drug use.”

It appears that Epstein was writing notes and confessions right up until he was found strangled — as a number of hastily scrawled notes were found in his cell.

He had turned FBI informant — but did not sell out his friends before his death, insiders say. Lawmen and celebrities are speculating he took his darkest secrets to the grave.

But A-listers are still damned by their association with the creep.

Clinton claims he knew nothing of Epstein’s twisted antics and only traveled on the kinkster’s jet for charity events. Prince Andrew also insists he’s being unfairly tainted by his friendship with Epstein.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts Giuffre

But one of Epstein’s top party girls, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claims she was recruited by the tycoon’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell at age 16 and coerced into sex with various heavyweights.

Bill Richardson and George Mitchell

She claims she was pimped out to American politicians Bill Richardson and George Mitchell, as well as an unnamed second prince, a “foreign president” hotel chain.” Richardson and Mitchell have insisted her story is bunk. In newly unsealed documents, Virginia claims to have been part of an 11-person orgy with the prince.

She has also detailed having sex with Andrew in London, New York and on Epstein’s private island.

The royal was pictured with his arm around Virginia in 2001 when she was 17 but has always denied he knew of any illegal activity conducted by Epstein and denied — via Buckingham Palace — he’d ever had sex with Virginia.

In newly released files, a second woman, Johanna Sjoberg, claims Andrew touched her breast at Epstein’s Manhattan home in 2001 — which the prince has also denied.

Ghislaine — whose whereabouts are currently unknown — is alleged to have worked as a recruiter and groomer of Epstein’s girls. Recounting one kinky event in the early ’90s, Ghislaine told a story of how she had “hosted a dinner party for a number of young girls and put dildos at each place setting,” then described how during the dinner two guests began “demonstrating how to do the perfect fellatio,” although she didn’t mention Epstein by name at the time.

At the time of his death, registered sex offender Epstein faced a 45-year sentence for trafficking dozens of underage girls in New York and Florida and accused of recruiting an endless stream of “masseuses” to feed his kinky desires.

Famously, he transported celebrities on his private jetliner. In the early 2000s, he took Clinton, Kevin Spacey and comedian Chris Tucker to Africa on a tour of AIDS treatment centers.

But he also had a $41 million Gulfstream IV jet he used to ship young girls to his private Caribbean island — amid claims it often operated as a flying brothel.

Other figures touched by the scandal include supermodel Naomi Campbell, who it is claimed hopped on Epstein’s private jet alongside Clinton to travel from Europe to New York. Virginia and Ghislaine were pictured at Naomi’s birthday party in St.Tropez, France, in 2001.

Prosecutors have warned they will still aggressively pursue Epstein’s cohorts in crime. As a result, his blackmail dossiers could go public in court.

“Epstein got away with the most heinous and unthinkable crimes for decades while parading himself in front of his celebrity pals,” says a source.

“The authorities will not stop until they have found out exactly. I w

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