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Sandra Bland-What Happened and What’s Not Forgotten-Recap and Full Breakdown

Sandra Annette Bland was born on February 7, 1987, in Naperville, Illinois, in the suburbia part of Chicago. She is one of five sisters. Bland graduated from Willowbrook High School and Prairie View A&M University, a member of Sigma Gamma Rho, and received a degree in agriculture. She also worked as a summer counselor. She also volunteered for a senior citizens advocacy group. Earlier that year, Bland started posting videos online talking about the mistreatment of black people. 

However, before her death was starting a job with Prairie View as a summer program associate. Furthermore, before this, she was posting videos about many subjects, including police mistreatment of black people. She even wrote on her page, “In the news that we have seen as of late, you could stand there, surrender to the cops, and still killed.” She was quickly gaining the title of the civil rights activist in Chicago and quoting Black Lives Matter/ And this here take the cake. Because she was speaking up and calling out much wrongdoing. However, while doing this suddenly, she was stopped for ten previous traffic-related encounters with police in Illinois and Texas, and she had been charged five times for driving without insurance, then four times for speeding, and once each for driving while intoxicated and drug possession. Oh, I’m done not yet, her final conviction was for shoplifting, and she owed $7,579 in unpaid fines at the time of her death, oh yes. Again, this is all alleged. She then travels to Texas for an interview for a job. However, reports said the police department had already known who she was. With that being said, this happen …

Many people were saying that it was Sandra’s mouth that got her arrested and later killed. Especially when she had said, she was going to sue, and also insulting the cop manhood. I say that is bull because she did not start getting mouthy until he got rude and asking her to make illegal demands and violated her rights. Which brings us to this point. However, many sources claimed Sandra was killed in her cell and then made to look like a suicide. Now, here is a guy who’d literally broke down how did it. Take a look at this clip…

Also, keep in mind that her autopsy report showed Bland had multiple abrasions on the right side of her back, slight abrasions on her wrists, and 25 to 30 healing, parallel cuts on her left forearm that was claimed to be premeditated her arrest.

They also had found a remarkably high concentration of THC for someone who had been in jail for three days, leading to speculation that Bland may have had access to marijuana while in jail. The Waller County assistant district attorney, Warren Depraam, said that it was more likely that Bland had ingested a tremendous amount of marijuana before her arrest. However, he also added that it is unlikely. 

My Theory and Analysis 

My Theory is, upon Bland getting her mugshot. However, there is speculation on the validity of the mugshot footage. Now, as the young man had said, “you see a cop/guard dressed in inmate clothes who can walk around freely while putting on gloves.” I believe he then waited in the back by the door until those cops opened the door for him. Hence, the grass substance found in the wound on Bland’s back, which is where the clip was frozen. 

You see an alleged inmate freely walking around while putting on gloves
You see the same inmate standing in the right-hand corner talking to the guards
Closeup of guard/cop hand
You see the guards open the back door, while coincidentally the camera flickers
This is a different camera angle of the same flickering frozen clip while Sandra Bland takes her mugshot. You see in the back there where the guards/cops let the inmate/guard in.
This allegedly the same guard/cop sipping a slurpee

I believe he waited for her to return to her cell, probably was hiding behind the door. Furthermore, as soon as she came back in. He had covered her mouth and then strangled her from behind and then took that same garbage bag if he used that in the first place. He may have injected her with all of those substances or anything to keep her from screaming. The pathologist probably was paid to lie, which is not uncommon. He then set the scene and then slipped out, and later the same cop was seen walking around. Now, will this crime get justice? Probably not. Because the family had settled a lawsuit in 2016 for 1.9 million dollars. Also, the deaths of many inmates seem always to get overlooked. 

Listen, loves, please stay safe, and do what the cops say, do not escalate anything, be polite and cordial. You will have a higher chance of surviving that way. Oh, and bystanders, when seeing this happening to someone, record it, and call the cop or cops out. Do not be quiet behind your cellphone. A caught cop by plenty of onlookers who are being very vocal, can scare a cop and save a life. That is it, and be safe. Please be safe. Oh, and do not forget to subscribe to all of my platforms, all of my links are below. Love you all bye 😘💋

Rest in Peace

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