Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner ‘In All-Out War’ With Each Other?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are not in an “all-out war” with each other, despite a very dramatic tabloid report. The ex-spouses might be dealing with some issues, but they remain amicable and are working together to co-parent their three kids. Gossip Cop can debunk the idea otherwise.

As widely reported, Affleck relapsed at a Halloween party in October after being sober for more than a year. The actor himself admitted he “slipped,” but remains committed to sobriety. The National Enquirer is now exploiting the situation. “They went from being best friends to bitter exes almost overnight,” an unknown source tells the outlet. “Ben’s had it with Jen’s attitude, while she’s sick to death of him failing to keep his promises and living like an irresponsible college jock.”

The anonymous source further contends that the exes “got into a nasty spat” over Thanksgiving, “and things just spiraled from there.” The alleged insider adds, “Ben promised everyone, including Jen, this was just a slip and he’s sober up and get his act together. But he’s been out with his buddies and the word is Ben’s decided to party throughout the holidays.” In reality, the actor has spent the past several weeks working in New Orleans, where he’s shooting the movie Deep Water. He’s not partying “with his buddies.” Affleck flew to Los Angeles over Thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday with Garner and their three kids. Still, the unknown tipster maintains that Garner is “absolutely disgusted” with her ex-husband.

It’s understandable that Garner would be disappointed by Affleck’s recent relapse. It’s also reasonable to believe it caused some tension between them. The Enquirer’s account of the situation, however, is totally untrue. One week after Thanksgiving, Affleck and Garner took their kids Christmas tree shopping. The outing also happened to take place on their daughter Violet’s 14th birthday. The ex-spouses remain united when it comes to raising their children together. There’s no “all-out war” between them.

Still, Gossip Cop ran this latest story by Affleck’s rep, who dismissed it as fiction. That’s not surprising. Late last month, the Enquirer was caught red-handed printing nonsense. The outlet wrongly reported that Affleck was ditching Garner and his kids on Thanksgiving and escaping to the Bahamas by himself. Gossip Cop immediately corrected that article, which was officially disproven just days later. The ex-spouses celebrated Thanksgiving with their kids, and Affleck’s mom even joined the festivities. Naturally, the magazine’s latest piece doesn’t acknowledge how it got the actor’s holiday plans so wrong.

In September, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for falsely claiming Garner was pregnant and the baby might belong to Affleck. The actress isn’t expecting a child with anyone. That phony scenario also goes unmentioned in the outlet’s latest article. The Enquirer simply can’t be trusted to report anything accurate about the exes.

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