Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have long reigned as one of the most cherished celebrity sweethearts. From their meet-cute to their lengthy love story, it was only a matter of time before they tied the knot, right?

But if there’s one thing we all know Hollywood dishes out, it’s not love — it’s lies! Ryan recently dropped a bombshell about a secret family that fans didn’t see coming.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively recently walked down the aisle back in 2012 to confess their unending love for each other, but apparently, that love might not be as pure as we were led to believe.

In fact, the two were met with controversy surrounding their wedding not long after their pictures surfaced.

Recent reports have confirmed that photos from their wedding have been all but banned from numerous sites around the internet, including Pinterest and The Knot, which are both huge hubs for brides-to-be to get inspiration for their own nuptials.

This left fans wondering what was so offensive about their photos, but the truth soon came out.

As it turns out, these sites have taken a stance against Ryan and Blake’s wedding because of their location!

The two got married at the Boone Hall Plantation… that’s right, the antiquated structures that thrived off of and benefited directly from the atrocities of slavery.

Although many people have events, weddings, and other parties on plantations, it’s no question that many find the continued use and revelry in these structures to be in very poor taste or even downright offensive.

Apparently, Blake and Ryan have no problem with it!

But this isn’t the only scandal coming out about Ryan and Blake’s divorce. He recently hinted at having a secret family!

On Ryan’s recent appearance on the Today show, he joked that he had “actually never met [Blake Lively]!”

“We actually only exist as a couple online,” he said on the show. “It’s manufactured by the studio system, it’s worked out pretty well for us, really.”

He went on to give the whole scoop on his secret family. “I’m actually married to a woman named Louise in Denmark,” he revealed. “We have four kids, and it’s been amazing.”

Then Ryan got real about his relationship with his wife. “I love it,” he said earnestly. “It’s been incredible.”

He spoke out about his children getting older, saying, “Leaving the house is getting harder and harder. It gets a lot harder when they ask, ‘Where are you going? When are you coming home? Why are you leaving me?’”

But Ryan wasn’t finished joking. After being asked about the name of his third daughter, he teased, “All of the letters in her name are silent. I want to give her something to push against in life.”

Good one, Ryan!

Ryan also revealed a surprising detail of his life to PEOPLE Magazine.

Apparently, he’s a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off!

“You weren’t expecting that, were you?” he said. “We live in a world that’s pretty divisive right now and there’s a lot going on. And I like that show just because it’s a nice thing to watch at night.”

He went on, “Everybody on the show is nice to each other, which I find refreshing. It’s sort of sweet. It’s not really about anything that’s going to remind you of chaos.”

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