MORE shocking evidence of a massive cover-up in the death of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been revealed by lawyers — they say jail video from his supposed suicide attempt 18 days before he was found dead has mysteriously vanished!

Epstein, 66, who entertained many wealthy and powerful men with his harem of underage teen beauties — and was friends with Prince Andrew and


Bill Clinton — had marks on his neck from the alleged suicide try at Manhattan’s federal slammer on July 23.

Almost three weeks later, on Aug. 10, the predator, who was charged with trafficking underage girls, was found hanging from a bedsheet tied to a top bunk in

Authorities ruled Epstein’s death was a suicide; however, his brother, Mark, has insisted the financier was murdered, a view confirmed by an independent pathologist he hired.


Now, Bruce Barket, lawyer for Epstein’s former cellmate, Nick Tartaglione, an accused murderer who claims to have saved the perv at the time, has told a judge the footage “was not retained” on the jail’s surveillance system.

“Obviously if it was destroyed or lost that is disturbing,” he adds.

A federal judge has ordered prosecutors to hunt for the missing video.

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