We’re in the middle of new season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and there’s already enough drama for your mama. One of the OGs has her share of beefs with most of the ladies, and this season, sh*t hit the fan. Now, the reality star is under fire for allegedly spitting on one of her costars.

Last season, a lot of friendships were broken with Nene Leakes being the common denominator. From Cynthia Bailey, to Porsha Williams, to Eva Marcille, Nene has had big beef. The veteran has been on the outs with Kenya Moore for some time now, so there was no surprise in the two sill being at each other’s throats.


In the present season, one of the main angles of the show is Nene trying to reconcile with her frenemies. So far, she and Kandi agreed to keep it cute. There was no true beef between the two, but over the past two season, the two haven’t been on the same page.

Nene also reunited and reconciled with Tanya, a friend of the cast who was initially brought in by Nene. But it’s the rekindling of friendship of Porsha, and more importantly, Cynthia, that we’re all dying to see.


it hasn’t happened, yet. However, Nene and her two former friends will face each other in the upcoming episodes. The mid-season trailer recently aired and showed Nene and Porsha hugging it out. It also showed that when Nene and Cynthia attempt to make up, things go all the way left.

In one scene, the ladies are having a sit-down, when Cynthia tells Nene to talk about their issues at a later time. But Nene won’t let up; Nene pleads to talk right there, in the moment. Cynthia declines and Kenya interferes, telling Nene she should have talked to Cynthia when she had the chance. That’s when all hell broke loose.


Nene tells Kenya to “shut up the f**k up, b*tch” and Kenya returns the blow. But the two actually almost come to blows before friends and security intervened.

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Ok girllllllll

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The situation diffuses, but in another scene, looks like the ladies pick up where they left off. Nene and Kenya are going at it, with Kenya sitting in her seat while Nene is being pushed away. In the midst of their arguing, Nene appears to spit on Kenya. The camera slows the motion down, making sure fans see what Nene’s doing.


Fans were not feeling that, and after receiving a lot of backlash, Nene came to her own defense. She took to social media to address the response.

“She need 2 be spit on wit all the horrible things she has said & done!” Nene began her statement. “From constantly startin sh*t wit me all season, lying on me, sayin I’m on drugs & bipolar,” she continued before adding, “Plus that recent tweet she posted so enjoy the moment!” Nene then denied actually spitting. “I DID the act but DIDNT SPIT! I Wish i had tho! No regrets,” she concluded.


Fans still weren’t here for it. The Shaderoom reposted the statement and fans sounded off. Read what a few of them said and watch the video, next!


Spit on though?? Girrrllll 😭”

“that’s nothing to brag about 🤮”

“Here she go playing victim”

“I wish a mf “WOOOD”😂 IDC who you are. Spit on me and I’m tryna see if you can catch bullets with your teeth”

Nene responded back to fans in the comment section.

“I said what i said.”


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