Here we are with another post, and in this post, I will be talking about Usher Raymond. Now, you all know I like to give a brief intro before I go in deep. So, here we go…


Usher Raymond the forth was born on October 14, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, to Jonetta Patton and Usher Raymond the 3rd. However, Usher spent most of his life in Chattanooga. His father left when he was 1yrs old. Later on, and with the direction of his mother, Usher joined the church youth choir. He was 9yrs old when his mother discovered he could sing. That is when they moved to Atlanta. A year later, he joined an r&b local quintet called the NuBeginnings, which was organized by Darryl Wheeler. Usher had recorded ten songs with the group in 1991, within his album “Nubeginning Featuring Usher Raymond IV,” Usher’s mother later took him out of the group. He was then put in a fashion show, whereas he met A.J Alexander. Alexander was Bobby Brown’s bodyguard at the time. It was there that Alexander would take Usher around the town to perform until Alexander invited Bryant Reid, an A&R representative from LaFace Records, to see Usher perform on Star Search. He later arranged an audition for Usher with L.A. Reid. He then signed on the spot. After Usher signed with LA Face, his mother left her job as a medical assistant to manage him. Here we are in 1993 and Usher was 15yrs, at the brink of puberty. But before it could hit full throttle, he recorded his first hit “Call me a Mack” featured in the “Poetic Justice” soundtrack. Usher was also in the process of completing the rest of this album until his voice started to change. So, greedy parasites and pimps L.A Reid wanted to drop him from the label, because what use is he now. But later, after pleading, Reid sent him to the King at the time Sean Combs. Who was heading a camp that he created called “Flavor Camp”,? Usher was enjoying the lavish lifestyle with Sean Combs, the money, the women, I mean it was heaven. However, he still had to buckle down and gain some discipline and some prospective. Now, remember Usher was only 15yrs old, hanging with grown-ass Sean Combs, who always had women around and no telling what else.


Meanwhile, Reid released Usher from his label and his contract, but still releasing three singles that Reid mostly gets paid. The singles did reach number 25 on the charts, and it sold half of a million copies. But remember Usher was only 16yrs now and he was singing about sex, and the public and his mother Jonetta didn’t take it well. So, his mother pulled him away from horny ass Sean Combs and took full control of his career and put him back in talent shows to help him build a more significant fan base, also to graduate from high school, and eventually earning pimp Reid trust again. After graduating from high school and his puberty subsiding, and he also getting used to his new voice and stage performing. He then started featuring in songs with Monica called “Let’s Straighten it Out” and a few more after that. Until later, he began to develop a friendship with Jermaine Dupri, and it was with Jermaine, who co-wrote many songs on his initial first hit album called “My Way,” that released many hits and put him on the map. He then started being asked to make appearances in tv shows. His first acting debut was in “Moesha,” and it went on and on after that. Heck, after this, he was a gold mine, and he was taking off, hit after hit, winning many awards, doing movies, and hanging with the big dogs. By 2006 at the age of 28yrs old, he was one of the top-selling r&b artists and not to mention a hell of a dancer. It was in 2007, whereas he dropped his mother from being his manager. I will explain that later. Anyway, he released many more albums, won many awards, and so on so forth with his many career endeavors. Now, let’s get personal and scandalous…


Let’s Get Personal and Scandalous

Okay, we all know that Usher used to hang with horny Sean Combs and participated in many orgies before the age of 18yrs old. But let’s fast forward a little and talk about his relationships starting with 

-Rozanda Thomas aka Chili 

They dated for two years, and the relationship was well-liked and praised by many fans. He was even going to ask Chili to marry him. Until he came out with his album “Confessions” that revealed his cheating and much more. But here’s the twist the song confessions weren’t about Usher it was about Jermaine Dupri life struggles and challenges. Jermaine was the one who convinced Usher into singing, he thought it would create curiosity, and scandal but yet sell, and boy did it work. But it also cost him Chili, who broke up with him months later. It’s reported Chili was getting ridiculed, and she felt like a fool to fall for playboy Usher even though she knew the song wasn’t about her. Meanwhile, horny Sean Combs Usher Jr moved on, and he started dating …


-Naomi Campbell

who one day surprised him by jumping out of his birthday cake. They were only together for a few months before he started dating …


-Model Elisha Brightwell

for a while, they were seen together at many events, but of course at this time and age horny Sean Combs Usher jr wasn’t trying to settle down and be faithful to anyone. He didn’t know-how… 


Tameka Foster

 -He started getting close to Tameka Foster in 2005, who was already his stylist for a few years. They married in 2007, and at that moment, Usher became a stepfather to Tameka 3 sons one born when she was a teenager and two from her first marriage. They also had two sons together. Now, keep in mind the plague and media reaction to this marriage wasn’t terrific. With that said, in February 2009, Tameka suffered a cardiac arrest in Brazil 2 months after the birth of their second son. In contrast, she was given general anesthesia before her attempted liposuction surgery. She was then induced into a coma to aid her recovery and transferred to a larger facility. As soon as Usher found out, he canceled his performance at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy Gala. She recovered a week later. Then months later, in June, he divorced her, and then they had a very publicized custody battle that ended in 2012 with Usher getting primary custody. Now, a rumor was that they always argued, and Tameka only cared about her appearance, his money, and not to mention it rumored that Usher was cheating. Oh, I’m not done yet, it seems that Usher ex-stepson Kile Glover was declared brain dead after being struck by a personal watercraft on Lake Lanier in July 2012. He unfortunately died 2 weeks later after being removed from life support. Then when you think things couldn’t get any worse, a year later, in August 2013, his eldest son Usher the fifth was hospitalized after getting stuck in Usher pool drain. Apparently, they were being watched by Usher aunt Rena Oden and the young boy spotted a toy in drain and he proceeded to try and get it and then his arm got stuck. The aunt and the maid tried to swim down and rescue the boy, but they couldn’t do it. Meanwhile, the boy was losing consciousness. He finally got rescued by two men working on a house near them, and they performed CPR. Usher immediately rushed home the minute he heard. The young boy was then rushed to the hospital and was in ICU, but he thankfully came out of it okay. But what struck a chord in now bitter, and heart-broken Tameka filed a custody suit against Usher, stating that he was unfit to raise their boys. She lost of-course, I mean Usher has more money, better lawyers, so there it is. 


-Two years later, Usher married longtime girlfriend and manager Grace Miguel while vacationing in Cuba in September 2015. Now, considering that Usher is used to having some woman by his side, hence his mother, he secretly married her. Everything was great until the drama started, and cheating rumors started getting leaked. Okay, before I go deep into the dark secrets of Usher, let’s talk about 49yr old Grace. Who is philanthropist, oh that’s not it Grace worked for some pretty big record labels like, MCA Records, Jive Records, and Geffen Records, She also collaborated with ‘Island Def Jam Records’ as Executive Vice President of Marketing/Creative Services? She also worked as a manager and business partner with Usher for Coup Dayta a catering company she co-founded. Her company served the entertainment industry, and became the executive chef of ‘The Cosby Show, oh yes. She also has a daughter named Leaf and a son named Raiden both from her marriage with her ex-husband Rene McLea. Her son Raiden is in a relationship with Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah Marley while Leaf, like her mother, is also into music. I’ve already talked about my speculations of her setting up Usher in a video. I will leave the link below. Anyway, Grace being a 49yr old woman who was married to a young 39yr old, a lot of experience in the sexual department starting when he was 15 -16yrs old with horny Sean Combs as his coach. Keep in mind when you’re whipped and was told your husband has been cheating. So, the herpes thing was nothing but a rumor that was conspired by a bitter wife, who wanted nothing more than to see her soon to be ex-husband to suffer and feel the humiliation that she felt. But you would think that she would’ve thought it through a bit more. I don’t know why she didn’t have it, and why do all of the people who say they were affected had connections to her. In the end this ridiculous rumor was confirmed as a lie by Jermaine Dupri at the breakfast club. Now, let’s get Dark 


Let’s Get Dark

I said earlier that Usher was taken to the devil’s recipient himself Sean Comb’s at a very young age. Reid himself initiated that. You see, Reid saw the potential in Usher, and he needed him to comply more, you know more puppet-like. But he was not initially saying, he just using his voice changing as an excuse. Now, the plan was working for a second, and Sean had him nearly initiated. Until, Usher’s mother came in and took him away, and she became entirely in charge. But by the time that happened, his mind had already been fried. Like a clip in Matlock, “where a father went to this cult building looking to rescue his son.” But by the time he got him, he was already brainwashed.

You see, Usher is under the spell of MK Ultra and he’s infested with demons. He’s been like this for some time. He doesn’t know how to be faithful; his heart and mind are clouded. What will be the outcome of Usher? Well he already sacrificed his father, and his step-son. Not to mention firing his mother which is a clear sign of someone transferring handlers. Which we all know was transferred to Jermaine Dupri. Well, considering that this herpes rumor may have somewhat ruined his name and he’s damn there 43yrs old. He will have to make one hell of sacrifice to get out of this, if he’s even given that option, only time will tell. Well, that’s it tell me your thoughts below. Oh, don’t forget to Share, and don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I post on them every day, hope to see you all there, love you all bye…




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