CORONA VIRUS- How was it created? Was there signs? Is it a Conspiracy or an Agenda Behind it?

Okay first of all the misinformation in pertaining to the Corona Virus needs to be addressed. You cannot catch it by touching someone. You get this just like any other flu or illness. But the only difference is, it can be deadly. But it varies between individuals, just like the flu. So, yes, wash and sanitize your hands when you come from outside or from the store. Also spray any surface that has been touched. You will be fine after that. You don’t need to wear a mask or anything of the kind. Just don’t touch your face until your hands has been sanitized or washed. Also, all Chinese, Japanese and so on are not affected, so stop it! Oh, they do have a cure. Now, that we got that out of the way, let’s answer the question of how did it start? Before I show you this clip, you must have an open mind. With that being said, take a look at this clip of a tarot reader. Explaining the epidemic and what’s behind the Coronavirus.


Now, that is out of the way. Here is some proof. First of all, I talked about this is my last CoronaVirus video, but they flagged it. Anyway, there have always been signs and clues of the plague. For example, a book predicted it.

It was also predicted by Bill Gates Take a look at this


It was also predicted on the Simpson’s, take a look at this

So, what can we deduce from these facts? It was human-made for depopulation, and monetary gain, as I’ve been saying for years. It was created overseas, to cause worldwide panic, and to sell the cure later and make billions and maybe even ignite martial law. The news is embellishing the body count to cause chaos panic from the masses. China is in on it. Do you remember when China promise something for Donald Trump or America in December? Oh, and what the heck is going on with Russia? Why haven’t we heard about them? Makes you wonder…


Also, some black/colored celebs such as Idris Elba and Kevin Durant and many more later I’m sure, have been tested positive recently. But neither of them had any symptoms. But other races who also had no symptoms tested negative. And they were in contact with many people. Do your research. Such as Kris Jenner testing positive and she’d just came from a party and you know how they get down.

Why are we hearing this now? When the alleged myth of blacks being immune to it came out. And coincidentally Donald Trump calling it a Chinese virus. Then suddenly these black famous celebs gets tested positive and now the agenda switched.  What’s next, they’re going to say it came from Blacks? 

There has been another theory, of the spelling of the COVID-19 spelled backwards that doesn’t add up. You see, D is the 4th letter of the alphabet. IV is Roman numeral 4. O is 0 so it doesn’t matter. C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet. When you add 4+4=8 then add 3 which equals 11. But if this is the Corona Virus. Corona’s come in packs off 12. And 11+12=23 and let’s not forget the 19. What’s a 23-19. Have you seen Monsters Inc? That’s the code for contamination in the movie. They were trying to warn us! It also let’s you know where they got the idea to create this manmade virus from.


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