COVID-19 and the 5g Conspiracy -What are the Facts? | Why are so many big tycoons stepping down?

Okay, we all heard about the science behind this epidemic. I expressed it here, and I broke down the science behind it, pretty standard talk. But as I dug deeper and learned more. I even went far as to listen to tarot readings.

But there was something that puzzled me regarding the coronavirus being some flu or pneumonia. Why because they were telling celebs to be isolated and asking them to socially distance themselves.

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Let’s see how this goes.

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Now, I thought that was weird, but not really. What shocked me was all of the CEO’s of big companies stepping down. But it wasn’t so much of them stepping down, it’s who was stepping down, and whom they represented. Like for example, the CEO of Hulu, and Bill Gates of all people from the board.

It’s also how the stock market plummet. But why? When this quarantine suppos to keep everyone in meaning that apps like Hulu, Netflix, and any other technology should soar because everyone is at home with nothing to do. But some celebs are not using their wifi, they’re living without any internet, hence socially distancing themselves. But when this alleged virus has nothing to do with internet and social media.

Then you have Keri Hilson who decides to talk about the 5g causing this virus and they crucified her.

Because they couldn’t see any similarities in the symptoms or was it because she didn’t suppose to talk. I say that because Tom Hanks post was saying that he’s back using his typewriter. Why? You see where I’m going with this?


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