Corona Virus Update Part 4- What are their plans? Why are Celebs and Random People dying? Who’s Behind this? I GO SO DEEPER, IT WILL SCARE YOU!!

Well, it seems that there is a vaccine. Why because the cases in China has subsided. The hospital administrators, government and so on are working with China to get it here in the U.S. So, they are asking everyone to please stay inside, and don’t go out unless needed. Wash your hands, and–

What?! Okay, here’s the real tea. Everyone must remain in the house for this covered up epidemic. Now, most of you have already saw my first videos. So, you should be up to speed. But just the other day I was arguing with someone online, about 5G and the person whom I was arguing with was very rude. Then, I was teamed up and online bullied by a whole bunch of people calling me names. And yes, they were all white. But here’s the kicker, although I was bullied, and teamed up. I was winning, and more people were chiming In. Because I was delivering some crazy knowledge, while using biblical, technical, some physics, and biology. I signed off, saying,


“I’m too awake to continue debating with blind sheep.”

And the seed of doubt had already been planted. It was matter of time for it to start growing. With that in mind, I decided to check back, because It was late, I was in bed, and by this time I had drunk about 2 glasses of wine. So, I was mellow 🤣. Upon me checking the feed, that had grown substantially, and more people were doubting the germ, vaccine coronavirus theory, and believing the 5G theory. I was laughing 😂 and said to myself,

“that seed had grown into a damn forest, ha.”  


Now, here’s how I planted this theory. I broke It down in components. You see, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other parts create gas. That generates electricity, and it gives the towers their power. Some of these components are found in some of our everyday appliances, and in cars. You see, Nitrogen oxide pollution is emitted from vehicle exhaust, and the burning of coal, oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas, especially from electric power plants. That’s also created by cigarettes, gas stoves, kerosene heaters, area wood burning, and silos that contain silage. So, imagine high levels of this, which can create storms and radiation. I mean, can you imagine millions of towers all of over the world. It will produce electromagnetic radiation and mixed that with the components that create gas, it creates pollution and sometimes a lot of weather occurrences. Such as thunderstorms sometimes with acid rain, also tornados, hurricanes, and if too much in the soil can cause earthquakes, and trees to burn from the inside. Again, the symptoms from this exposure are;

The Short-term exposure 

 Health effects from breathing nitrogen oxides can include:

  • Irritation of the respiratory system, eyes, and skin
  • Aggravation of respiratory diseases, particularly asthma
  • Coughing and choking
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty breathing, you will feel like your lungs are on fire-sounds familiar and–

The Skin and eye contact with nitrogen oxide gases or liquid nitrogen dioxide can cause irritation and burns and with…

Long-term exposure to low levels of nitrogen dioxide can cause:

  • Asthma
  • Respiratory infections, and the

Health effects from very high levels of nitrogen oxides can include:

  • Death
  • Genetic mutations
  • Harm to a developing fetus
  • Decreased female fertility
  • Spasms
  • Swelling of the throat
  • Rapid pulse 
  • Dilated heart

In simple terms, they need these chemicals to power up the towers. Also, some of these chemicals can help plants grow. Yep, electricity helps plants grow. But if these towers are turned up high, it will only surge to other electronic sources, and sometimes miss trees altogether, sounds familiar-take a look at this

Okay, now that I got the science out of the way, let’s go deep. 


Let’s Go Deep 

It’s been an epidemic and many conspiracies on why they’re doing this. Especially now that most of us are awake and see the truth. Okay, just to get these proven theories out of the way. 

  • Okay, yes, this plague was for depopulation control that’s evidentiary 
  • Yes, the death tolls they’re broadcasting on the news, and on tv, etc., isn’t accurate, and is seriously embellished. 
  • The virus was man-made, and mad in a lab 
  • These plagues and illnesses surface every 100 years. Most of them are man-made. Heck even patent—take a look at this video by a channel called, “Disclosure Library” very insightful and educational…

So, you see, this is bigger than us, and Bill Gates, Rockefeller, and Donald Trump are right in the middle of it. 

Let’s Go Deeper 

It seems the peace deal Trump’s did with China, and the event that’s called “201” –was merely a meeting to negotiate the details of the breakout of the Coronavirus for their country and ours. Hence, when to use the towers to their advantage. The numbers 201 is the first three numbers of the patent number for the last plague Ebola that will act just like the Coronavirus. They knew it will kill millions, or did they? A secret source said that the deal was to depopulate the world that was becoming densely crowded, especially China and Korea, and to do it with the false reports of some disease. But it’s just a simple spike of power from the towers that coincidently cause the same symptoms of Coronavirus. The deal was to expose, kill, isolate, and more. With the media being controlled and no one out and about to catch them. They have the power to control the narrative, and continue doing their dirt right under our noses, without being detected. All quickly done before the election, in which a democrat will be elected and this sick shit like this will not happened. Now, I know most of you are gonna say that Trump is the reason all of this happening? Really?


Most of, if not all of Trumps predecessors and individuals who helped him get elected are exposed as connections to Russia, are dead or either stepped down. Keywords all of these people had links to Trump. So, let’s look closer—

You see, someone is using Trump to reveal and expose all of these people. They know he’s naïve and knows nothing about what he’s doing. So, why not use that to their convenience? Hence, the whistleblower, then Epstein, then top leaders are stepping down. They know their next, and they know they need to cash out and disappear. Hence, the Q epidemic, that will give them an outing with this coronavirus detection. I believe some are being exposed, and some are being protected for spilling the beans on the ones who are guilty. They are offered isolation, and protection. It has been said since Trumps election that the FBI has been working on something. So, suddenly after the raid from Epstein this happens.  


Oh, and what has Muller kept saying,

“you can’t arrest a sitting president.”

But what about all who surrounds him, his connections. Just let the dominos fall, and guess who’s at the end, oh yes. Which leads us to the sick wall, and deportation that gave them an excuse to separated children from their parents. The questions are who benefited from this. Well, it was just in April 2017 whereas Trump set down with Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt. Who was accused of trafficking, and who also got acquitted two weeks after meeting with Trump.

And before then he met with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who also have been accused of trafficking. Then what happens two months later— children are separated at the border. Then look what happened months later. Stock market goes up, and it keeps going up.


Until now—shortly after Epstein becomes to capture and island raided a then a meeting called “Event 201.” Which I just explained. But this is what else it means in-adeptly— 

“201, which is changed from the 200 events they have annually. These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society. Managing these events already strains global capacity, yes global capacity. Even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes “Event 201,” would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions.”

They need to depopulate and do it quickly. But of-course with other agendas as well. Now, the question Is, was this meeting about trafficking? Probably not, but it was defiantly discussed around this meeting of how to use this pandemic to their advantage. Either by them or the FBI who have been trying to convict Trump and his predecessors for some time now. And how do you do this? You cut off his resources. 



This all started with the alleged suicide of Epstein. From there, it trickles down—but before then, Harvey Weinstein was already accused of these sick endeavors. But it was being swept under the rug. Their focus was on Bill Cosby and R Kelly, who all conveniently also have connections to Hugh Hefner, who also conveniently died in the midst of all this. However, with the help of Trump’s weak defense, they were able to gather enough information to capture Epstein, which led to the later conviction of Harvey Weinstein, who’s connected to Epstein and Trump. Then later, you hear all of these world leaders stepping down. All who also had a connection to Trump and Weinstein and some to Epstein. Who more than likely knew what this Q is. Because as we all know, Trump was accused of raping a 14yr old girl with Epstein, and others.

That ball that Trump got from Putin in July 2018, that’s a mirror image to the ball Tom Hanks was talking to name Wilson in the movie “Cast Away.” But let’s back up-that event with the ball came after Hanks plane crashed—where did I see that at—oh yeah., In the movie of the “Messiah” whereas millions of people began following this chosen one. Because he had performed miracles and he’d walked on water.


And the church wanted to invest in him, they were ready to bank on him. But then he stopped and walked away—well he got kidnapped and got into a plane crash, but it turned out that he was the Chosen one and not the antichrist. But he didn’t like the attention. He wanted to perform his miracles behind the scenes. Hence, what I’ve been saying. So, with that being said, was this ball that Putin gave him, a message? Because the year to date Epstein was jailed in July 2019, and then Melania publicized a soccer ball in December 2018-which is also a year to date December 2019 of the global effect of the Coronavirus, hence that doctor getting killed. But what did he really discover? The Coronavirus or was he merely a message of what’s to come. And it was all staged. You see, I’m starting to see that this is all a game. That soccer ball that looks like the picture of the inner workings of technology aka a computer mixed with DNA, oh and the alleged globe. Oh, note that Russia’s team didn’t win the World Cup in 2018, or last year, so that wasn’t it. So, what do we have here—we have– 

  • July-2018-July-2019-soccer ball given -Epstein arrested
  • December 2018-December-2019-coronavirus went global-Melania decorated white house with red trees, and a close up of her soccer ball hanging from tree. {Oh, also note that Melania has been brainwashed since her alleged kidney scare. So, she’s under MK Ultra big time}
  • December 2019-Trump impeachment and two months later it was overturned, and we know how—The coronavirus epic was a distraction and helping source thanks to the coronavirus whistleblower, and them getting rid of all their witnesses. 

Oh, guess who conveniently steps down before this overturn, William Barr, who also has a connection to Epstein—he was one of the last people who saw Epsteinas a before his alleged suicide. I talked about it in a video. And he is the son to the man name Donald Barr who hired Epstein as a professor, who’s also rumored to have gotten him into trafficking, oh yes. He was the closet to Trump. Do you see where I’m going with this? Oh, this operation Q, and Trump using it to make himself look innocent when he knows he isn’t. You see, Trump uses his phrases and words as a reverse affected and meaning, “Make America Great Again.” Meaning; bring back white supremacy, racism and racial inequality. His Q means to stop it, not support it. Remember this is the same man who said he didn’t know Prince Andrew but praises Epstein. Really—

Which brings us to Epstein, and Weinstein —who both had the records of all their customers and connections, that the FBI now has. Oh, and Tom Hanks, Oprah, Idris Elba, Ellen Degeneres, and some athletes, and others who all have connections to Weinstein. Are they suspects or whistleblowers/witnesses under the FBI protection claiming coronavirus isolation? That is like many of us are being closely watched by drones that fly over our houses, oh yes. They’re up to something. And Bill Gates is in the middle trying to get everyone to take those vaccines, that conveniently just got airlifted here from China, oh yes. So, get ready to get the vaccine or suffer the consequences mandatorily.


Oh, have anyone heard from Beyoncé or Jay Z? Because Jay Z has a connection to Weinstein as well. So, does this have any connection to Trump and his alleged good deeds or is this them simply, them cutting off his resources. One by one—because at the end, is who they want, Trump. 


Well, that’s it for now. Let me know what you think below. 


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