Fall leaves sex monster with grim head wound

Rikers Island, NYC’s main jail complex, is Weinstein’s home for the foreseeable future

DISGUSTING movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is already getting payback for his sex attacks on dozens of gals — he suffered a brain injury when he fell and banged his noggin in New York’s scary Rikers Island slammer!


The 67-year-old monster molester, who is banned from having the walker he used at his trial, reportedly toppled over and smacked his skull trying to walk without aid on March 7 and is now suffering severe headaches, says rep Juda Engelmayer.

“He fell on his head and thinks he has a concussion,” he says. “His head has been pounding.”

The 300-pound perv, who used his scary size and clout as a producer to force sex on actresses and female staffers, was first moved to Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital following his Feb. 24 rape conviction, after which he complained of chest pains and underwent a four-hour op to put a stent in his heart.


Ten days later, he was moved to Rikers and caged in a dorm-like cell with two other “older gentlemen” in the North Infirmary Command, a unit for high-profile convicts and those with medical issues.

The section has ultrahigh security — prison officials reportedly fear he’ll be targeted by other inmates. Spokesman Engelmayer says the former Hollywood bigwig, who lived like a king while ruling over Tinseltown, is now “humbled” and “miserable” and sees his life behind bars as a “long, uphill battle.”


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