Fairy-tale nuptials ditched – but Barack is cheering!

The former first daughter is nursing a broken heart, insiders say Malia at Harvard with former fiancé Rory Farquharson

FORMER President Barack Obama’s heartshattered daughter Malia has called off her wedding to fiancé Rory Farquharson after he was caught on camera cuddling another beauty!

Malia immediately turned to her mother, Michelle, for advice, according to insiders, who say the former first lady told the Harvard coed to take a deep breath and figure out what she really wants in life.

Michelle told Malia that’s the best way to handle a crisis in a relationship, insiders say. In her best-selling memoir, Becoming, Michelle admits she used a similar strategy — and couples therapy — when her marriage to Barack reached the breaking point decades ago.


Now her 21-year-old wild child’s romance is apparently on the rocks too.

As GLOBE previously reported, sources say Malia got engaged to British hunk Rory on the sly. The Harvard classmates planned to tie the knot in a huge royal-type bash with carriage and footmen — rivaling Prince Harry and Meghan — after graduating, sources said.

But her dream exploded in a torrent of tears when Rory was busted with his arms tightly wrapped around a gushing brunette who was nuzzling his chest, sources tell GLOBE.

“Malia’s devastated because she thought this was the man she was going to wed,” an insider spills.

But spies dish the former first daughter’s breakup came as a relief to Barack, who was alarmed over Malia’s nonstop partying and furious when she broadsided her folks with her fairy-tale wedding plans.


The former president blames Malia’s “girls gone wild” antics on Rory, a 21-year-old rich kid who attended England’s posh Rugby private school, sources say. The blue blood’s moneybags dad is the director of an investment firm, and his mother is a high-end accounting whiz.

“Michelle has been comforting Malia, but Barack is relieved the guy is gone,” the insider dishes.


“He never liked Rory and told Michelle the guy was a bad influence.”

Malia has horrified her parents with her outlandish antics, say sources.

In 2016, she appeared to be smoking marijuana at the Lollapalooza music festival and was observed twerking at a concert in Chicago.

She was also reportedly boozing underage with buddies in Miami.

As for Rory, her hush-hush romance with the preppy playboy surfaced in 2017 when they were spotted smooching at a football tailgate party.

Barack was infuriated by the engagement and “confronted his daughter and told her in no uncertain terms he’s not paying for the wedding!” the insider reveals.


Now, even though “Malia’s heart is breaking, her dad is saying good riddance!” adds the source.

But this is all alleged, and who didn’t act out in college. Aside for all this she was getting all “A’s” in college.


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