Admits she smashed Johnny Depp’s head by slamming door!

Amber says she’s sorry she slugged him and her violent behavior was “below me”

DURING one of their frequent marital blowups, raging Aquaman babe Amber Heard smashed Johnny Depp so hard with a door, she knocked him to the ground!

The bombshell revelation comes from therapy tapes, where the now-divorced but still battling pair thrashed out their issues and Amber admits to battering the Pirates of the Caribbean star.


On the audio, the 33-year old bisexual blonde admits knocking her 56-year-old hubby to the floor by slamming a bathroom door in his face and then socking him in the jaw.

Depp notes: “I then stood up, I don’t even know if I said — I mean, I might’ve said like, ‘What the f**k,’ you know, whatever. ’Cause I’d just been hit in the head with a f**king corner of the door.

“And then I stood up, and then you f**king clock me.”

Amber then says she didn’t mean to whack him with the door and apologizes for slugging him, adding:

“I just reacted and I’m sorry. It’s below me.”

Depp’s lawyers played the tape at Amber’s deposition for the $50 million slander suit he filed against her in Virginia after she wrote an article in The Washington Post accusing Depp, without naming him, of being a violent domestic abuser.


Depp claims he lost his Capt. Jack Sparrow role in Pirates because of Amber’s crusade to paint him as a monster before and after their 2018 divorce following just 18 months of marriage.

Amber later denied punching Depp, saying it was a push.

But as GLOBE previously reported, she admitted exploding in rage and pelting him with pots, pans and bottles during marital arguments.

Meanwhile, during their divorce battle, she produced photos of a bruised eye she claimed she got when Depp threw his cellphone at her, which he denied.


Amber, who’s currently in a romance with a gal, is being branded a violent witch in explosive court documents.

We previously published a photo and story of Depp’s claim that the tip of his finger was sliced off by a glass shard from a vodka bottle that broke when Amber threw it at him.

Depp says the violent attack came near the start of their marriage when he was filming in Australia and tried to talk to her about signing a postnuptial pact — and she exploded in a jug-hurling rage!

Amber has used her claims of his violence to become a crusader against domestic abuse of women. Yet in a previous therapy tape, she taunted him when he tried to escape from an argument, saying: “You are such a baby. Grow the f**k up, Johnny.”


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