YouTube Struggles, and Life Secrets- It’s Coming to an End- Journal Entry 7 (04/14/2020)

As I was saying on Instagram. My life on YouTube, as many of you may have heard me say periodically on some of my videos is way darker than you know. You see, I initially started YouTube in 2007, two years after YouTube was founded. I was doing pretty good, and yes, I was talking about the Illuminati and the elite, and so on. In the first video, I made it to 300k views within 24 hours. Now notate, I didn’t know YouTube was monetizing. When I started releasing more videos, and they too were doing great and hitting the 3-digit K mark, quickly.


I was later offered monetization, not sure how long after the first video. However, at the time, I wasn’t sure how the whole monetization and making money from YouTube worked. So, I didn’t proceed with the making money process from YouTube, until years later. I still have subscribers subscribed to me since then. They all knew my name was Kisha. Sometime later, I decided to see what YouTube career life was and decided to give it a try, of course, doing what I do—talking about the elite, conspiracy theories, and so on. Got thousands of subscribers immediately, and still not getting paid, because I had a job and didn’t know anything about that yet and wasn’t in a rush to learn. It wasn’t until 2012, whereas I decided to see about making money. And I made some money, $100-$200 some months. I wasn’t posting that often, and I didn’t know that you can make much money from YouTube. Then in 2015, after being shut down three times now. I decided to put some effort into making money on YouTube, I even cut back at work, and was slowly proceeding to do YouTube full-time. My paycheck was in the thousand marks of approximately $1200-$1500, and I only had about 30,000-40,000 subscribers. Note, I was only dropping 2-3 videos weekly if that, as I was getting my groove and was making money from YouTube. I did quit my job for a moment, and I did YouTube full-time. It was now late 2016, and my paychecks were between $2,000-$3000..

I was also giving tips too many upcoming YouTubers during this journey, such as Unwinetashak and many others. I even endorse them on one of my videos. My loyal subscribers subscribed to them, and they went on to success, and I suddenly started getting strikes. I got shut down yet again a fourth time, between 2016-2017. Each time was starting over with more subscribers than the last.

The screenshot I’d used in one of my videos while using and publicizing UnWineTashaK excellent works.

Meanwhile, frustrated and ready to give up on YouTube. I asked for my old job back, and thankfully they gave it back to me. This time I didn’t quit, I continued to stay on board despite the beginning success after starting over again the fourth time. In late 2017-and late 2018, I was bringing home regularly $3,000-$5,000 monthly with my full-time job. We got a new car, and our credit was looking great. We were on our way to buying our first house together. I was happy for the first time from YouTube. I was at 100,000 subscribers at this point and was growing. The biggest paycheck I ever got from YouTube was for $9800, which was in December of 2018. I showed my husband, and I was cheering with glee with tears in my eyes,


Then by January of 2019, something happened, and my check was nearly cut in half, despite my subscribers growing and close to 200,000. However, I started seeing my views declining, and sometimes at a standstill. My revenue began to descend as the month’s progress.

Then in June or July of 2019 my channel got demonetize. It took me months to get it back up.


Meanwhile, at home, bills got past due, lost the loan for the house, credit cards, bills, etc., started going into the collection, and still is. But oddly, as I am declining in views, to the point of non-existence, others whom I know, and was close too. Either disappeared or had a quick come up. So, then I decided to do some research on YouTube guidelines, and I come to learn that YouTube has the power to freeze your views and delete or stall/block your subscribers, which means that my videos could still be hitting the 3-digit K mark and making lots of money. Here’s the breakdown…

100k-200k views – $2,000-$3,000+
300-400k views $4,000-$5,000+

Then so on from there. Thus, if I was dropping about 4-5 videos a week and they all were hitting the 100k mark, I should be making about $8,000-$12,000 a week, and multiply that by 4, that’s about $48,000 a month. But guess what, since the demonetization, and a little time before. I’m lucky to make $3,000 a month. Oh, I’m not done yet. Some of my paychecks are so small, and oddly sometimes the same amount down to the cents 2-3 times in a row. I know physically impossible.

Meaning someone or some people, probably from YouTube or others, have hacked into my YouTube channel and froze my views and is banking on the actual amount that I should be getting. It’s like they put me on a salary, and they’re getting greedier because now, I’m lucky to hit $2,000 a month. Oh, don’t let one of my videos go viral too quickly they flag the video. So, it can stop showing up in people feeds. Despite me talking about the same subjects as many others. They get a pass, I get flagged.

Meaning whoever, or whatever is doing this, it’s personal, not business. Meaning pretty soon, I may have to quit YouTube, and shut my channel down. I refused to keep running in place and continue to make others rich. Now, I’m not sure if other YouTubers are having the same problems that I have been having. If they are, please text me at 424-282-9306, and we can form an alliance and have this investigated. Because someone at YouTube or a hacker is stealing YouTubers money, and they need to be stopped.

Or email at;


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All you could do is find another way. Start your own U tube channel. Call it what you want. They can’t stop what GOD GIVES. Pray and ask GOD to help you. If it’s something he put in your spirit to do ask him for help. You got this😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thetruthshow says:

      Yeah, I may have to do that. Thanks


      1. Anonymous says:

        Just create your own websites and like post the first parts of the videos in YouTube and place the link in the description… I’d definitely watch


  2. Anonymous says:

    Contact Young Pharaoh because his channel has gotten demonitized a couple times.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is I feel this has something to do with you know who. You must hv really pist him off & he must really be upset that people knows his truth & feels some type of way. I can almost bank on it. It’s him his wife or the loud utube chic! We love you kisha! your my utube sister & my shero! No matter what you do , you must not stop! There are to many blind eyes that need to know whats really going on out here. You stand up for us. You speak for us. Ain’t no stopn us now where on the move! 🥰MIAH


  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow… this is sad. You were the first YouTube channel that opened my eyes to some of the strange and weird things attached to the entertainment business. Blessings and wish you the best!!❤️🙏🏾


  5. Gina says:

    Florida marquis complained about the same thing.


  6. Luci Ryan says:

    Many of the You Tubers revealing truth are being shadow banned, blocked, demonetized, shut down etc., for one reason only…Revealing the snakes heads! They want complete control, but they are losing.
    Start your own as many others are doing. Do not give up, but talk to others experiencing likewise. Blessings Abundant & Shalom.


  7. Eden says:

    Hi Thank you for your amazing work I really love your videos
    Maybe open a new channel under your husbands name so they will think its someone else and change everything so they think its a new youtuber.
    In a fight you have to outsmart your enemies, so you can win. God and prayer will guarantee your victory. Wishing you many mega mansions worldwide in Paris, South of France, St. Tropez, Cannes. You give everything to your self through your imagination that you already have it now, and the Universe will bring it to you. You can be an International Real Estate Investor if you choose and imagine this reality as your present reality, and ignore what is.


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