McKinley Mitchell -WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?

In this persistent truth seeker requested video, I will be talking about McKinley Mitchell who was a blues and gospel singer. 

McKinley Mitchell was born on December 25, 1934, in Jackson, Mississippi. He rosed to fame in the ’60s with his record titled “The Town I Live In.” It peaked at number 8 on the charts. He did many other albums thereafter and was feature in a few. But what is questionable is the way he died. Now, I know he died of a heart attack, and he being a heavy set guy, that isn’t too far off. But it seems he knew he was going to die, and he wanted to return to his hometown to do so. Because in 1984, 2 years before he died, he recorded a song in his hometown song called, “I won’t be back for more.” Now, I don’t know if he had any enemies or any bitter girlfriends or wives or ex-wives. The internet doesn’t tell me much about him. And I’d tried finding more information about Mitchell, but had no luck. If anyone knows anything, please drop me a DM on my Instagram, the handle is on the screen. May he Rest In Peace.

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