Why The Gambler’s widow is keeping his body on ice?

A FURIOUS family feud is exploding over late country great Kenny Rogers, whose body is being kept on ice because his widow wants to hold a massive send-off that’s now banned by the coronavirus lockdown!

The 81-year-old Gambler star, father of five kids with four of his five wives, passed away on March 20 — and wife Wanda Rogers is determined to give him a glitzy farewell with a star-studded party and memorial service worthy of a showbiz legend.

Others in the family, though, think the delay in burying Kenny is undignified, especially since it’s unclear how long the coronavirus crisis will go on.

Mom of his 15-year-old twin sons, Justin and Jordan, Wanda has also yet to pick a plot in the family mausoleum, meaning his body is in even more of a mortuary limbo.

Wanda’s hope is to have all the family plus Nashville superstars Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire — and dozens more country greats — for a glittering country celebration, says a family source.

“But it’s not a good time to fly right now, so everything’s up in the air,” the friend adds. Wanda even banned her own elderly parents from coming out to visit, fearing it would put them at risk of contracting the deadly COVID-19.

Meanwhile, her delay has reportedly triggered an uproar among some kin who are urging for a small service to lay the crooner’s body to rest.

Son Chris, 39, from his marriage to fourth wife Marianne Rogers, rushed across the country to be at his dad’s bedside and then help with the funeral arrangements — only to be told everything is on hold!

Meanwhile, I’d learned that Kenny’s body is at a funeral home in Ga., area, where it’s believed to be kept on ice until the family can agree on how to proceed. says the family source. “But the appropriate thing to do is something small first, just with the immediate family who are there to acknowledge his life and passing.”

The Lucille singer, who sold more than 100 million records over a 40-year career, died of natural causes after a long list of ailments, including liver disease and hepatitis C.

“He was in peace when he passed,” says the family insider. “He was not in a lot of pain, and he just got weak and died.”

Along with son Chris, Kenny’s teen twins have also been to visit their father’s body since his last breath, but it’s unclear if his other two children, Carole, 61, and Kenny Jr., 55, have been able to make the trip.

“Chris is there, and at least he can reassure the twins,” says another insider.

“He enjoys having time with them, and now that their father is gone, he wants the boys to know he’s there for them to offer love and support.”

Family man Kenny stopped touring in 2016 so he could spend more time with his family and be a true father to his twins.


Now, his fans are hoping that his family will hold a huge celebration near his Georgia home or in Nashville.

“Wanda is doing all she can do,” says the second insider. “There is a funeral planned for later for everyone to come, but it’s on hold for now.”

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