Here we are with another post, and in this post, I will be talking about Natalie Wood.

Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko, aka Natalie Wood, was born on July 20, 1938, in San Francisco to Russian immigrant parents. She also has a younger sister name Lana Wood. Moving forward here.


Natalie has been acting since she was 5yrs old. She once played in “Miracle on 34th Street,” and many more. Oh, not to mention while filming the movie “The Green Promise,” whereas it was a bridge that was to collapse, and whoever was on it was to fall into the water. Her mom told her that the bridge wasn’t rigged and that it was okay for her to walk across it. Just to get her to walk across. Well, she did, and Natalie then fell into the water and broke and scarred her wrist, and they kept filming of-course.

The Green Promise-Bridge Scene


Now, you would think that her mom will then take her to the hospital. Well, she didn’t, and for the remainder of her career, she wore bracelets to cover her scar on her left wrist. It was told that her mother was afraid that she would be labeled as handicapped and it would prevent her from getting parts. Natalie was the breadwinner at this point. To sum it up, her mom was pimping her and living her dreams through her daughter, by any means necessary. Of-course Natalie being a people pleaser did whatever her mother told her too at that time.


Anyway, later she was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean. She achieved all of this before graduating high school, which is when she later married Robert Wagner, who was 8yrs her senior. She was only 19yrs old and he was 27yrs old. The rumor was he took her virginity, and the relationship and marriage were set up by her mother and the rest of her team to give her more publicity and exposure. They’ve done this for years in Hollywood. It just that this time Natalie was already a huge a fan of Robert Wagner.


Now, moving along here. Because of her transition from sweetheart roles to rebellious roles. It opened many doors for her. But her development didn’t go so well, and she had many big office flops after that. But it was the director Elia Kazan that took a chance and casted her in the lead role in Splendor in the Grass and her career rebounded. In that film she had to face her demons and also help capture her emotions and hysteria and took her acting to another level. Because even though she was acting in these movies, she never went to acting school or had any coaching on some acting techniques.

Natalie Wood in Splendor in the Grass

But with the help of Kazan she developed it. Then by 1961 she played Maria in West Side Story and you all know that was huge success and remade and reacted many times over even now. So, many remakes have been done. They said it was like the part was written for her. After that she was on fire by 1964 she was nominated for 3 Academy Awards. It was during the success of this movie whereas Robert and she divorced. But also note this was during the Marilyn Monroe days, and men were dominated the acting world, and women were noticed but not as much. Now, the higher she rose was also the height of haters and criticism that came her way. But she was a good sport about it all and at this time in her life, she was used to it.


However, that didn’t stop the movie deals coming her way. She did many more, she was always busy. Oh, do note she achieved all of this while in her 20’s. But it was her role in “This Property is Condemned,” which was set during the Great Depression. She captured that role so deeply, whereas she’d suffered emotionally and had to seek professional therapy. Because apparently she tried to commit suicide, she was fed up and had enough. It was then she turned down a role for the movie of Bonnie and Clyde. Then took a break and then came back strong and co-starred in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969 it was a comedy about sexual liberation. It was during this period she met and married Richard Gregson. After making this movie she became pregnant with her first child Natasha Gregson, she was 32yrs old at this point, unfortunately they divorce a few years later.


She later reunited with her first husband Robert Wagner in the movie “The Affair (1973)“, and also in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and many more films with him after that. She and Wagner had a daughter and lived a somewhat healthy life-well in front of the cameras and the public.

She then went on to do many more movies in this period, Wood started to have more success in television. She was receiving high ratings for “The Cracker Factory,” and especially the miniseries film “From Here to Eternity,” with Kim Basinger. Wood’s performance won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She was in the process of filming a science fiction film Brainstorm co-starring Christopher Walken and directed by Douglas Trumbull. Until she ended you up dead, now, let’s go deep…


Let’s Go Deep

Okay, you all have to note that Robert Wagner was like the Bobby Brown B-Status at this point to Natalie Wood, who was Whitney Houston A-status. But the only difference is, Wagner always cheated, and he was known to have had many affairs with many well-known women and men in Hollywood.


Aside from that, he had a temper. It reported that they often argued, and it sometimes resulted in violence that she covered up to prevent a scandal, among other things. It said awhile ago that Natalie one night during one of Wagner’s drunken blackouts, and verbal and physical abuse episodes. Whereas she ran to a neighbors house for safety and reported,” that Wagner was going to kill her.” They called the police, but they never took a statement or believed her. Wagner had some significant pull and power in L.A, and not to mention he was a man.

Now, you have to understand Natalie was known to keep a lot of things secret. For example, her sister Lana Wood just came out saying that her sister was raped when she was only 16yrs old by a big-time actor at the California’s Chateau Marmot Hotel that went on “for hours.” Now, if you go back, you will see at that time and age she was doing a film called “Rebel Without a Cause” with James Dean, who coincidentally was staying at the same hotel who died the following year in a car crash you make the call. Hold up now, don’t get it twisted he didn’t rape her, but he may knew who did. Director Nicholas Ray was known for his drug-using and sexual explorations and rumored to like both women and men. Who rumored to have shacked up with 16yr old Natalie at this bungalow, Oh and what makes this sick, is Natalie’s parents knew this and judging from I’d read and said earlier they were more than likely the ones who sold her to the director to get the part in that movie. The same thing happened with Judy Garland, and she rumored to have been a bargain deal to get roles in films as a child that was set up by her parents as well. Times haven’t changed-you now see what Natalie had to go through and what she was raised to deal with and hide. It brings you back to the day of her death.


Natalie Wood Death

Okay, it reported she was traveling on a yacht with her husband Robert Wagner, as well as the ship’s Capt. Dennis Davern and Natalie’s friend, actor Christopher Walken. Whom Natalie was so quick to call Christopher her brother-in-law, they were very close. It reported her body she was found floating in the water off Santa Catalina Island on Nov 29, 1981, about a mile away from the boat with a small inflatable dingy nearby.


Now for years Robert refused to talk with investigators of what happened to Natalie Wood’s. It was told that Robert and she had an argument the night before she was found. He also said upon him going to bed, that she wasn’t there. But upon her body being found. She had many bruises on her body and arms, as well as an abrasion on her left cheek. The autopsy report found that Wood’s blood alcohol content was 0.14%, and there were traces of two types of medication in her bloodstream: a motion-sickness pill and a painkiller, both of which increase the effects of alcohol. So, they ruled her death an accident by drowning and hypothermia after allegedly trying to slipping while getting into a boat even though she couldn’t swim and hated getting into a body of water, especially at night.


Now here are the conspiracies and theories after Dennis Davern, the Captain, spoke out.

Dennis Davern and Natalie Wood

After 30 years, Dennis Davern, the Captain, publicly stated that he had lied. And that Natalie and Walken had been flirting with one another, and insecure Wagner got jealous.

Oh, there’s more…
It seems that Natalie was on the verge of divorcing Robert, who’s career was being overshadowed by Natalie’s at this time. She got tired of his jealously and the abuse. The fights were constant, and all the time, and she was reported to suddenly and frequently started to wear a lot of long sleeve clothes and pants. Family and close friends had stated that she stayed with Wagner for as long as she did because of the kids. But Wood’s started feeling at this time that the kids were old enough for her to go off to work, and she sometimes would leave them with the nanny or family. It was told Wagner’s anger was volcanic, and he envied and started to hate Natalie.

I mean, you have to understand the teasing and the embarrassment he felt at this time, whereas men then were supposed to have been the breadwinners. So, with all of this in mind, he stayed drunk and that fateful night. Now keep in mind the day before she had asked Davern to take her into town to clear her mind and she then got a hotel, to get away from Wagner. So it was there that she and Davern ended up getting separate rooms at some Hotel offshore. Because she and Wagner were continually fighting that night because he wanted to move the boat because it was storming and Natalie being terrified of dark water didn’t want to move and wanted to stay where they were. Witnesses had overhead the argument as well. At this point Wood’s was so fed up with Wagner and he knew it. Thus, the next morning I guess she was feeling a little better, so she went back to the boat to smooth things over with Wagner. But I’m sure at this point he was already plotting, and angered had boiled to a breaking point. So, it was later, whereas Walkin’s and Wood’s went to a restaurant for some drinks to give Wagner some air and time alone. But keep in mind Wagner was a jealous man. So, he had the Davern take him to where they were, and they all had drinks, and it was told that they were so drunk upon leaving, whereas the owner of the restaurant had to call the harbormaster to make sure that they made it back to their boat safely.


Meanwhile Woods and Walkin’s were still laughing and Wagner still feeling ignored and even more pissed and even more drunk. Dennis, the Captain, said Robert got so pissed that he burst a bottle of wine and screamed at Christopher Walken, yelling,

“You want to fuck my wife.”

Christopher ignored him and went to his bedroom and remained there the entire night allegedly. Davern even took a polygraph test, proving that’s what happened. So, later Davern said that he heard them fighting, and it was brutal. He said he heard screaming and things getting broken, and it sounded like someone was getting severely beaten. So, he couldn’t stand the noise even though his music volume was up high. So, he went to their room and asked Wagner if everything was okay, and Wagner told Davern to go away. It continued onto the deck, and then it suddenly went silent. Then later, he found Wagner at the back of the boat, back faced the water, saying that Natalie is gone, she is missing, and told Davern to look for her.


Now, here are the witness statements…

-There was a witness account who said that she heard someone yelling “Help” and then someone saying “we’re going to get you,” the keyword “we’re”, and the sound of splashing water.

The witness also went on record saying that someone threatened her at that time and told her if she knows what’s good for her, she would keep quiet.

-Witnesses also heard two voices in the back of the boat screaming, and it sounded like Robert and Natalie.

So, with these statements comes more theories, so I had to look deeper.

So, I went back a little further, and apparently and it was one theory that Wagner and Walkin were engaged in some homosexual activities while on the boat. The lifeguard at the time witnessed this and eventually came out with his story. It was reported that Wood caught them in bed together, and they both may have conspired together to kill her. This coincides with the witness story of hearing someone yelling “Help” and then someone saying, “we’re going to get you,” keyword “we’re”.


But do remember this story brings up a past story whereas she caught Wagner in the bed with a man and they shortly divorce, this was the first time they were married. So, could they have conspired together to kill her to hide their secret? But there’s one problem with this theory. Walkin was married at this time, and he has never been reported of him being gay. Oh, and judging from what Davern said, Walkin’s seemed to have been more interested in Wood’s. So, again the fingers are once again pointing at Wagner.


Now, here’s what puzzles me...
They said that she was wearing a heavy coat that while wet would weigh about 30-40lbs. They said that alone should’ve held her down. But she was seen floating and she wasn’t wearing that coat. So, I’m not sure about that story. Also, it seems that the dingy was found in neutral and with the key still in the ignition turned off. As you see from the photos, the dingy didn’t look damaged, and there wasn’t any trace of blood or scratches on it. Also, why would she decide to leave, willingly now. While only wearing a nightgown, socks and a heavy coat.

When it was well-known that Natalie always made sure to be presentable at all times while in public, and if she were ready to leave him yet again, she would do what she did before and asked the Captain to take her back into town. So, why tonight she didn’t? I believe that Wood’s didn’t go onto the deck willingly, and she was running from Wagner after he beat her to a bloody pope, and then tossed her overboard. I mean judging from the autopsy reports he may have dragged her, because she had bruises all over her legs and arms.


Then upon Davern finding Wagner standing there where he may have tossed her. Wagner knew he had to get rid of Davern, so he sent him on a wild goose chase. Then upon Davern, suggesting they look for her and turn on the searchlights. He knew that would reveal everything. So, he offered Davern a drink. I think at this time he was stalling and needed more time for her body to drift away some more and/or so she can drown. I believe she was knocked unconscious upon entering the water. That lady may have heard the struggle with Wood’s and Wagner while on deck. Because Davern said, he heard Wagner say, “Get the Fuck off my Boat.”

But also let us look at the times…

  • They left the restaurant at about 10:30 pm
  • Witness heard someone screaming between 11 pm-11:25 pm
  • The Autopsy reported that she was dead around midnight
  • Wagner reported her missing at 1:30 am
  • They found her floating at about 7:30 am

Rigor Mortis takes up to 8hrs to fully set.
(Wood’s was 3 out of 4+ of being fully established.)
Meaning she was dead already upon entering the water.

Now, with all of this alone, should’ve been an ample amount of evidence to arrest Wagner. I mean they’ve arrested Bill Cosby and R Kelly with any evidence and with only hearsay, just saying. Well that’s it tell me your thoughts below…



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