Reese Witherspoon Quarantining Separate From Husband?

Is Reese Witherspoon having marital problems amid the current lock-down? A recent article in a tabloid is claiming Witherspoon is “quarantining” away from her husband. 

In a new article by NW, the outlet alleges the actress’ marriage to Jim Toth is hanging by a “Big Little” thread and that Witherspoon is in lockdown at her Pacific Palisades mansion without her husband. The publication contends Toth is staying in Malibu with and so-called “insiders” are taking this as a sign that a permanent split is “on the horizon” while other “long-time” friends say the couple has been living separately for almost a year now. “Reese can gush as much as she wants about her ‘supportive’ husband, but they barely speak two words to each other these days,” a supposed pal tells the magazine.


The so-called source continues Toth is “wrapped up” in his film ventures and Witherspoon is “just as bad” because “She has forty films and tv projects on the go right now. Sometimes Jim has to make an appointment to see his wife!” The magazine then alleges Witherspoon is used to being a “one-woman” show but the lockdown has her missing having a man in her life. “She and Jim might talk themselves out of a divorce every time because of money, but she’s at the point where that doesn’t matter anymore. She wants someone to come home to, and Jim’s not it,” the sketchy source adds.


The outlet’s narrative is way off-base. Witherspoon made a recent appearance on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram show and the actress stated that she and her “entire family” are quarantining together, mentioning her husband specifically. Additionally, Witherspoon was seen on a beach trip with her husband and their son, Tennessee, in Malibu this past weekend. The family looked to be enjoying themselves during their outing, which contradicts what the tabloid is implying.

Furthermore, this wouldn’t be the first time the tabloids were wrong about Witherspoon’s marriage. Just a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop debunked Star for falsely claiming Witherspoon’s marriage was “suffering” during the current lockdown as well. We also dismissed the same outlet earlier this year for incorrectly stating Witherspoon and Toth were living separate lives. The publication contended the couple got into a fight at their son’s soccer game, revealing the cracks in their marriage. Gossip Cop busted that story as well. The tabloids have no real insight on Witherspoon’s marriage to Toth. Whatever these bogus publications state should not be trusted.


However, a secrets source revealed that their marriage is a mere partnership and co-parents to their son. They haven’t made the announcement to their families and will not be making an announcement to the public. Yep, and another title marriage with smiles in front of the cameras, and separation behind the scenes.


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