Kanye West claimed he was once a “functioning alcoholic” and blamed his battles with the bottle on his music not getting the praise it deserved!

“It’s good that we found out about all of those awards shows — [because] that partially led me to alcoholism,”

Explained the 42-year-old performer, seemingly citing reports that suggested industry honors were fixed. Which careful study it is fixed. Considering it was created in the 50’s to honor Hollywood Walk of Fame  project stars. That was dominate by whites at the time and now. The award committee hasn’t change much. For example and this was quoted by the artistic artist Kanye West-

“Imagine ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and ‘Watch the Throne’ [being eligible] the same year, and neither of them being nominated for Album of the Year.”


The “Gold Digger” rapper recalled how he swilled from a bottle of cognac that he carried to the 2009 VMAs before the infamous moment he stormed the stage and stole the spotlight from trophy winner Taylor Swift!

“I really grabbed the drink to be able to even go to the awards show due to the information that everyone knows now,” he said.

Kanye admitted his boozing was so bananas he’d even knock back vodka and orange juice for breakfast! However, the father of four said he gave the heave-ho to hooch when he realized he was dependent on it.

“I haven’t had a drink since I realized I needed to take it day by day,” he swore.

But an insider insisted it was Kim Kardashian, his wife of nearly six years, who laid down the law!


“Kim doesn’t drink and didn’t want their kids around it,” said the source.

“She gave him an ultimatum to choose family over booze — and it sobered him up pretty quick!”


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