SHARK TANK has launched hundreds of brands since its 2009 debut — and behind the scenes, the show’s sharks are more slippery than most people know. Here’s a look at their secrets and scandals!


Brooklyn-born Daymond has admitted he was “short, dyslexic and couldn’t play a sport” and could have ended up dealing drugs. Instead, he built his FUBU brand into a clothing empire that at one point raked in $350 million a year. But instead of saving his windfall, the “Shark” blew through his first $20 to $30 million! Daymond said he got caught up in the millionaire lifestyle, throwing lavish parties and buying status symbols. It was only after his spending binge and his wife divorcing him that Daymond realized he needed to change his lifestyle.



Scammers put the bite on the 71-year-old real estate mogul in a “phishing” fraud when a fake email was forwarded to the entrepreneur’s bookkeeper. The email appeared to show the reality TV star’s executive assistant saying Barbara had approved a $388,700.11 payment to Germany. The money was wired before a mistake in the email address was noticed. A security team traced the false address back to a Chinese IP and Barbara later claimed she got her money back.



The brash Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner and tech billionaire doesn’t like to talk about being charged with insider trading by the SEC in 2004. He allegedly used a private tip to avoid a huge loss on his sale of shares in an internet company. Mark proclaimed his innocence and after a long legal wrangle the case was dismissed — twice! But he later said it cost him more in lawyers’ fees to fight the case than the $2 million fine he faced.



Kevin O’Leary poses for a portrait at his hotel in Miami, January 19th, 2016. (Photograph by Ryan Stone/Novus Select)

“Mr. Wonderful’s” O’Leary Funds Management got off to a roaring start with $1.5 billion in assets but then nosedived before collapsing completely! Toy company Mattel’s multibillion-dollar investment in Kevin’s The Learning Company also turned out to be a disaster — with share prices dropping and huge stock market losses. He was fired six months into his contract. Then, in 2019, two people were killed and three more were hurt during a boating accident on a Canadian lake involving Kevin and his wife, Linda. She was charged in connection with the crash, insists she did nothing wrong — and says the other boat was running without lights. Linda and her hubby, who also insists he’s not at fault, are being sued in civil court for wrongful death over the incident.



The Canadian entrepreneur torpedoed his 24-year first marriage by having an affair with actress Danielle Vasinova. That romance ended badly in 2015 when Robert dumped her to date his “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Kym Johnson. Furious, Danielle accused him of giving her herpes and repeated sexual assault, and threatened to publish a photo snapped at a “sexual fantasy club.” Robert denied her claims, sued for defamation and won. The suit was resolved with a settlement in his favor and a public apology from Danielle. He’s now married to Kym.



The 50-year-old is known as the “Queen of QVC” and built her $100 million fortune there. But the first time she approached the network with her plastic earring organizer, she was turned down flat. But Lori got the last laugh when she pitched the product on the network’s rival channel, HSN — and enjoyed enormous success. She moved to QVC soon after and, in 2000, landed her own show called “Clever & Unique Creations,” one of the network’s longest-running shows.


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