Would-be robber Bradley Finnan

ABRAZEN Chicago area home invasion was busted up when a resident heroically fought back and gunned down one of two armed intruders! According to Illinois investigators, doorbell camera footage captured would-be robbers Bradley Finnan, 38, and Larry Brodacz, 58, approaching a house in the Arlington Heights neighborhood while wearing masks, gloves and hats.

The pair allegedly identified themselves as police before busting into the home of Sebastian Maniscalco, 50, and his 48-year-old wife. Distressing screams can be heard on the recording, along with a female voice repeatedly shouting, “Hey!” The woman later said she raced upstairs with the couple’s kids, aged 11 and 14, but pistol-packing Brodacz burst through the bedroom door and menaced them with his weapon! Meanwhile, chaotic security footage from outside the home showed Sebastian pummeling Finnan, who eventually escaped.

The homeowner reportedly ran back into the residence, scrambled for his wife’s gun and shot Brodacz, who he claimed was wielding a knife. Brodacz was pronounced dead at the scene by police who had responded to a call for help made by the 14-year-old. Authorities ruled Brodacz was killed in an act of self-defense.


Finnan, who cops said had been carrying a bag with zip ties and a blowtorch, was later rounded up by authorities. Investigators said the duo had plotted the lunchtime robbery to coincide with the stay-at-home order issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Police explained Finnan and Brodacz were acquaintances who’d met working at a car dealership. Finnan reportedly said Brodacz claimed he’d seen $200,000 in boxes in the home 20 years ago and believed the money might still be there.


Finnan was charged with home invasion and felony murder for his alleged associate’s death. According to state law, murder charges can be filed when someone is killed during the course of a crime even if the death was caused by someone else. Finnan was ordered held in Cook County Jail without bail. He could get slammed with a life sentence if convicted.


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