JENNIFER LOPEZ is hoping to make ALL of Alex Rodriguez’s wedding-day dreams come true — by helping the former Yankee buy his favorite boyhood baseball team, the New York Mets!

“It has always been Alex’s dream to be a Major League team owner — and the Mets are up for grabs, so she believes they can swing it together,” a leaker spilled. The couple has had to postpone plans for a summer wedding because of the lockdown, but insiders said they’re still pushing ahead to see if they can get this deal done! The Mets have been on the block for months, and sources said the team’s value has plummeted from $2.4 billion to $1.5 billion with the cancelation of games for at least half the season.


J.Lo and Alex — worth a combined $700 million — have retained JPMorgan Chase to help them raise funds for the purchase. But sources said J.Lo has also reached out to A-list pals, including Kim Kardashian and her sports-crazed ex Ben Affleck as possible investors. “They see this as a chance to build a brand,” said a source close to the situation. “They want to turn the Mets into a powerhouse and Citi Field into a concert venue that rivals Madison Square Garden!”


Insiders said J.Lo is also viewing this as an opportunity to help her man rebuild his baseball image, which was badly scarred when he admitted lying about steroid use during his career.


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