Why are Blacks Hated, Sought After, and Experimented On? Ft; Henrietta Lacks

I’ve been sitting on this for some time now. And I had to first gather some information before going in deep. And I came across some pretty interesting things. There was some theory that blacks’ blood had the power to heal, the forces of youth, the skills to prevent sunburn, the powers to treat cancer, and some diseases. 

The story of Henrietta Lacks was born Loretta Pleasant on August 1, 1920, in Roanoke, Virginia, to Eliza and Johnny Pleasant. Unfortunately, her mother died giving birth to the tenth child. After that, her siblings separated among relatives. She later married David Lacks in 1941, six years after giving birth to her son Lawrence Lacks and then to their daughter Elsie Lacks. They had two kids by the time they got married in 1941, one more child, a daughter Deborah Lacks who was born in 1949. 


Sometime later in 1951, she went to her primary doctor who’d assumed that she had syphilis because earlier in 1932, they were secretly injecting blacks with syphilis. I think that’s why this doctor tested this faithful wife of this disease.

Anyway, as expected, the test came back negative and referred her to St John Hopkins hospital because she felt a knot in her stomach, the only hospital that treated blacks. Now, going in, she just thought she was just pregnant again and so on. Just a miscarriage or something or just a trouble pregnancy because she had severe hemorrhage. So, upon her going to the hospital the doctor Howard W. Jones took a biopsy of the mass on Lacks cervix for testing. The test came back with her diagnosed with “epidermoid carcinoma” on her uterus. Oh, I’m not done yet, these shyster doctors claimed later in 1970 that she didn’t have that you see, and she had adenocarcinoma and that it was a common mistake you see.


Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancerous tumor that can occur in several parts of the body. It is defined as neoplasia of epithelial tissue that has a glandular origin, glandular characteristics, or both-oh yes. With this diagnosis, she was treated with “radium tube inserts,” which is a form of radiotherapy; they place therapeutic aka radioisotope into the body to chemically localizes to the tissue requiring destruction. Oh, I’m not done yet, these sneaky and shyster doctors took two samples from Lacks cervix without her permission, which they’re known to do. Heck, they go further if the patients ends up dead. They take all of their organs to sell them to the highest bidders, oh yes—these sneaky doctors who, as I been saying has been testing blacks’ blood for decades. Anyway, they took two samples one from a healthy tissue and another one from the cancerous one. They then gave these samples to cell biologist George Otto Gey who was working at the hospital at this time. Upon observing he noticed that Lacks cells were unique the way they reproduced at a very high rate and could be kept alive long enough to allow more in-depth examination. Apparently, her cells were able to be divided without dying, which is known as immortal.


Oh, and these sick doctors continued to use Lacks dead body as a lab rat and continued using her blood beyond her death. These cells came to be called HeLa cells. Which later came to the development of the polio vaccine and many others, and it was in mass production and was on high demand. Heck, these doctors especially lab assistant Dr. Mary Kubicek, who was the one who collected the samples from Lacks body during her autopsy. Anyway, they started using Lacks blood and started injecting prison inmates, cancer patients and so on-oh yes.

Lacks blood was on high demand, they were shipping samples of her blood to research labs all over the world.


It got so bad the Lacks family kept getting phone calls for them wanting a collection of their blood. Oh, and there’s more. These greedy shady doctors published Lacks medical records without her family consent. Later it was ruled that a person’s discarded tissue and cells are not their property and can be commercialized, yes, meaning it’s okay to steal a person tissue and marketed. And we know who blood tissues this is, don’t we? Lacks family continue to fight, and live below limited means, and they never got compensated for any of the research or money that was accumulated. This brings us to the question of why blacks are sought. And why blacks organs are first to be taken versus other races, this is why.

This testing goes back for many decades and hasn’t changed. For example; it was reported that upon the digging up mummies in Egypt or any other place. They took samples from these mummies, which was one of the reasons they were digging these mummies up, to test their DNA. Heck, if you listen hard enough you can hear them admit it, in the documentaries. However, they’re not going to reveal the exact findings of these tests. Thanks to the law, they can get away with it, oh yes. You see, blacks bloodline goes back thousands of years, and it wasn’t only Lacks blood that had the ability to multiple upon being separated. Meaning that even with it’s been destroyed or out of one’s body, blacks blood cells don’t die and multiply. This is why many of blacks are killed and now experimented on.

They are using this BS coronavirus to execute and test on blacks; they just needed a reason to do it. It is no coincidence that some of these old racist people are reported sick, and then out of the blue, they’re fine. You know why, and this does relate to the QAnon, they are killing babies and more and the drinking and/or eating their blood. That’s been going on for centuries. Heck, it’s one of the roots of how the story of vampires, Dracula, and so on.

All myths are base from some truth. Of course, over the centuries, the stories are embellished and exaggerated, but the plot is still the truth. Which brings us back to the story of Goddess Isis, upon God Osiris death, she turned into a falcon and flew over Osiris dead body, although this part is often changed, and they say she saved him. But judging from hieroglyphics he was not saved and remained dead and the ruler of the underworld, hence where the story of Satan comes from. Any she became pregnant, and they had a son name God Horus. Who became the heir to the throne. Kind of like the story of Jesus, but just with more merit of his existence beyond the use of just having the faith of his presence.

Anyway, their immortal bodies were never found, their blood if any was never found. It was reported however that they had the ability to take flight, which answers my question of how they were able to travel from the Grand Canyon to Africa. With that being said, they have been trying to find and then duplicate the blood cells from blacks, so they may receive immortality. These are why most blood banks are in the black neighborhood and or low-income communities. They want Blacks blood, and DNA or organs, and so on, which is why blacks are hated by most. Heck, most of the racist whites back then, descendants are running the country.

Despite all the pain and despair they caused blacks, most blacks are still not racist, and don’t group all whites as racist. They’re individual called like they see it. Blacks always love you, and still can become friends with you. Hatred isn’t rooted within blacks; it’s thrusts upon Blacks overtime, individually.

Well, that’s It, let me know your thoughts below. 


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