JENNIFER LOPEZ has moved past fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s alleged love rat past, pals said — and now they want to adopt a child! Growing closer while on lockdown with their combined families, the A-listers also decided to use their massive fortune — estimated at $700 million — to do good, according to insiders. “Jennifer and Alex have talked about having more kids and now they’d like to adopt,” a source told.

“They’re really enjoying spending quality time together as a family and it’s changed their attitude about devoting so much time to work.


“They feel so blessed to have an abundance of wealth that they want to share it.” The couple each have two children from previous marriages. Jennifer, 50, shares 12-year old twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony.


A-Rod has daughters Ella, 12, and Natasha, 15, with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. The former Yankees slugger, 44, has been gushing on social media how “incredibly grateful” he is for his blended brood.


But it has been reported, Alex has been notorious for playing the field — with former fitness model Lauren Hunter claiming they had an affair while A-Rod was dating J.Lo in 2017.


Alex also allegedly bombarded Playboy Playmate Zoe Gregory with nude selfies and pleas for a threesome just weeks before he proposed to the “Hustlers” star in March 2019! Around the same time, retired slugger Jose Canseco charged A-Rod was cheating on J.Lo with his ex-wife Jessica — and offered to take to prove it! But Jessica insisted he was lying Despite the chatter, pals insist J.Lo wants to focus on Alex’s positives — and adding to their brood. I’ve spoken about this in numerous of videos. Take a look-

“Jennifer has realized how many kids don’t have a home and she wants to help,” added the source. “They’ve been heavily researching adoption.” As reported, the couple are also looking for investors to help them buy the New York Mets, which could set up their legacy.


They’re also trying to figure out how to not only spend more time together as a family, but also find ways to work together while spending less time actually working!” said the source.


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