Rogue Cop Faked O.J. Murder Case! O.J. Simpson was SETUP!

Uh oh- it seems there was a new revelation in the O.J Simpson case. It seems that Simpson was framed by rogue cops for the grisly murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman as part of a chilling racist plot!

Now 25 years after the murder trial and acquittal, Simpson insists the horrific May 25 killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police is part of the same, corrupt justice system that tried to frame him with lies and planted evidence!

In an exclusive interview, F. Lee Bailey, a member of Simpson’s legal Dream Team, says he’s convinced the popular athlete was set up for the murder rap because deceitful white cops wanted to nail a prominent black athlete following the high-profile beatdown of Rodney King.

O.J.’s arrest on June 12, 1994, came just three years after the LAPD’s image was severely tarnished by a video showing 14 officers surrounding and beating the unarmed, black construction worker while he was helpless on the ground.

Rodney King Video

Bailey insists O.J.’s arrest and trial were directly tied to King — and the public backlash against the LAPD.

“You have to understand the Simpson case was just a reaction to the cops’ actions during the Rodney King case where they took a real [public relations] beating,” says Bailey.

Here was their chance to get back and say: You blacks are angels, but here is a case where this guy slaughtered his wife.

That was the whole purpose of pursuing O.J.

Retired pro-football superstar Simpson, now 72, who later was found responsible for the deaths at a civil trial, was one of the most popular sports figures in America. He starred in movies and TV ads when Nicole and Ron were gruesomely butchered by a knife-wielding fiend on the blood-soaked patio of her Brentwood, Calif., condo.

The main detectives in the investigation were Philip Vannatter, who died in 2012 and is accused of planting evidence, and Mark Fuhrman, who was slammed as a bigot, and pled no contest to perjury charges resulting from his testimony at the Simpson trial.

During the court case, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran branded Vannatter a “devil of deception” and described Fuhrman as “a living, perjuring, genocidal racist,” adding that he’d seen “evil” in his face.

Bailey and another crime expert charge Vannatter planted Simpson’s blood at the crime scene! “Phil Vannatter tried to frame a guilty man, but his plan backfired,” top forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht says. “Vannatter played fast and loose with the evidence.”

Dr. Cyril Wecht

One of the first investigators on the case, Vannatter was handed a vial filled with eight milliliters of O.J.’s blood by a nurse who’d drawn it from the running back to compare with blood found at Nicole’s condo.


The detective was supposed to immediately turn it over to the crime lab, but instead returned with the vial in an unsealed envelope to the Brentwood crime scene.

Fast and loose

“When the contents were measured later, the vial only contained 6.5 milliliters of blood and Vannatter couldn’t answer why some was missing,” Wecht says.

Some of Simpson’s blood was found on the condo’s back gate — only it contained EDTA, an enzyme used as a preservative in evidence vials like the one given to Vannatter.

Lawyer F. Lee Bailey insists key evidence was PLANTED to convict at all costs!

Lawyer F. Lee Bailey

Bailey also points out one of Simpson’s socks with a stain of Nicole’s blood mysteriously appeared on the jock’s bedroom floor — yet the sock was absent in an earlier police video of the same room.


Also, the stain made no sense.

“The problem is the blood stain was on both sides of the sock’s ankle,” he says. “The spots were of equal size on the sock and it could only mean one thing — somebody laid the sock on something flat, put a drop of blood on one side and it ran [seeped] through to the other side.

“Think about it. If O.J. had been wearing the sock at the scene, and he killed Nicole and she was squirting blood and some dripped on the sock, how could it hit both sides of the ankle, at the same place?”

Other evidence showed Fuhrman had it out for O.J., Bailey says.

He was caught on tape using the N-word, bragged about cops planting evidence on other suspects and was accused by Simpson’s lawyers of planting the bloody glove, which he vehemently denies to this day! Fuhrman also insists he was a clean cop and never violated suspects’ rights in any way.


A bloody left-hand glove was found outside Nicole’s condo and the right one was discovered at Simpson’s home. But when Simpson tried to put it on at his trial, the glove appeared too small.

Obtained a never-before-seen recording of a furious Simpson calling Fuhrman, now a FOX news analyst, a “f—er” and accusing him of trying to frame him for the double murder!


Simpson, who ultimately served time for kidnapping and robbery in another case, says on a clip in the documentary Who Killed Nicole?, “Everybody was saying, ‘Oh he said, n—-r!’ What he is saying … was the least of it — it’s what he’d been doing! How he would make up evidence.”

Adds lawyer Bailey: “The police certainly played very dirty. They planted evidence and they got caught!”


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