NICOLE & TOM’S SECRET CHATS! She keeps talks hush-hush from hubby Keith!

SNEAKY Nicole Kidman has been secretly mending fences and bonding with ex Tom Cruise — right behind the back of her current hubby, country star Keith Urban, a source says.

Since their bitter 2001 divorce after ten years of marriage, the beauty, 53, has “hated Tom’s guts … but he’s really mellowed lately and they’ve been in touch,” the insider dishes. Their conversations are lighthearted, positive and perfectly friendly, which is pretty incredible since they went so many years without talking at all!


The glue fusing the new connection is their adopted kids, Isabella, 27, and Connor, 25. Until recently, Nicole has been shunned by the pair, who, like their dad, are members of the Scientology cult, which urges them to snub nonbelievers like Nicole.

Although it’s mainly about the kids,” adds the insider, “it’s also been cathartic for both of them to put the ugliness behind them. The pair’s marriage ended when Cruise, 57, filed for divorce and applied for custody of the kids, who then chose to follow his faith, as he usually does.


The bad blood led to the Eyes Wide Shut actress missing Isabella’s hush hush 2015 London wedding, which was attended by just a handful of Scientology pals, arranged by the elite members of Scientology. Meanwhile, Connor has a penthouse close to his dad’s residence near the church’s Clearwater, Fla., headquarters. But sources warn Nicole is playing with fire by keeping her chats with the Tomcat secret from hubby Keith, 52, father of her biological daughters, Sunday, 11, and Faith, 9. As you all know what happens to leaks and outsiders, they end up missing. Hence, the leader’s wife.

Tom and Nicole’s kids are known to have issues with the country hunk, says the insider. “They look at him as a poor man’s Tom, basically — a big reason why Nicole didn’t see them for so long. She figures the easiest way to handle it is to keep all her chats with Tom totally private — even from Keith. But as you all know, their all not operating with a full deck.


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