I KISSED A MAN THAT WASN’T MY HUSBAND-Journal Entry 9 (06/27/2020)

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a post in my journal. It’s been a crazy year thus far with Jeffrey Epstein, COVID, racism, riots, and Bill Gates who has way too much power. But you all don’t want to hear anything about that.

They have most of us working from home, and I couldn’t be happier, because the tension was thick. I also had to mend my marriage, because before the COVID epidemic and weeks after recovering from being sick. You all remember that? Anyway, with all that, one day, he and I had a meeting at another building, and we were very early. So, they had us wait in a conference room alone together. Upon grabbing my tote bag off the floor to retrieve my iPad to begin to take notes, I accidentally tip my bag over, and things started rolling everywhere (embarrassing). He being the gentleman helped me pick them up, and while I was picking up my wallet and my make-up bag.

While turning around to my chair, and not realizing my bag strap was under my heel- I trip. Yep, I tripped right into him. He catches me by my waist, and while turning around, we became face to face. Suddenly, there was some electric spark, with the smell of his cologne, and he lustfully staring at my lips-we kissed, tongue and all. He started growing, and grabbing my ass, and whispering he wanting to kiss me for a long time. It was hot as hell! I haven’t kissed that passionately in years.

Then suddenly, while in the heat of passion, we hear voices coming from the hallway. We quickly stopped and composed ourselves, and avoided each other since then. I, of course, went home and practically raped my husband-for about a week. I then took that as a sign that I wasn’t happy in my marriage, or maybe it lacked something. Later, he asked me what had gotten into me lately. Because within the twenty years he and I been married and knowing each other. It’s been awhile since I’ve behaved like that. Well, me not being a great liar, I’d told him the truth. He got so angry. I never saw the light in a man’s eyes fade. I swear, I think I saw his heartbreak before my eyes. He avoided me for a long time and was very cold. When he did look at me, he looked liked he wanted to cry. (I should’ve lied) This is why I had that period of cursing, and moodiness in my videos.

Meanwhile, after months of praying and counseling and thanks to isolation and working from home. Our marriage has been excellent. But could that be because I’m working from home? What about when I return to work? To Be Continued—


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  1. Aileen K. Douglas says:

    I have lived & learned (just like you) that sometimes the Truth doesn’t set us free…Sometimes the Truth Sets us Up….So glad your marriage is on a more positive energy flow Awesome!!! By The Way if you ever have a moment like you had Keep it to Yourself! Our better half tends to store things instead of forget or forgive) So Enjoy your moments Hugs

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    1. thetruthshow says:

      I should have – because when I return to work. What will happen then? And thanks!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all the best. I enjoy your YouTube videos tremendously. Life is a struggle and sometimes for everyone’s sake, somethings are better left unsaid. I would have made peace with God and leave it there.

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  3. Zulena says:

    I recall in a few of your videos, I got the sense your marriage might not have been the best place. I recall one time you saying something to the extent of “I would leave so fast and be free, f****** free! I’m glad you guys are working things out!🙏🏾


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not going to lie….I’m skittle disappointed reading this…I know it’s great to get it out but I kind of looked up to you. Not sure how true these are but my prayers are with you and your family….no judgment

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