CHUBBY Kanye West’s doughy dad bod is driving Kim Kardashian so crazy she’s hired a “fat whisperer” to help her insiders spill.

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Sources tell that the 39-year-old reality star feels the rapper’s padded body is weighing down their marriage so much she’s lined up a pricey diet guru to teach the rotund recording artist, 43, about healthy eating and proper nutrition.

She can’t be married to a man who lets himself go this badly and figures it’s time for drastic alternative measures, reveals an insider. Though another snitch insists the star is slimming down. According to the first tattletale, five-foot-nine Kanye’s fried food intake is as bad as it’s ever been, and he guzzles sodas and downs sugary snacks all day long. She’s miffed he does no exercise and will always take the elevator instead of the stairs, dishes the insider. Bottom line is Kanye is the father of her children, and she feels he’s setting a really bad example! And Kanye is known for his sexy body, among other things.


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