Updates on Sarah Jessica Parker And Kim Cattrall And The Status Of ‘Sex And The City 3

Have Sex And The City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall finally made peace? Well, I hate to be the bearers of bad news, but sometimes busting gossip means crushing hope.

The latest, and we’d wager not the last, phony story about Sex and the City 3 comes from New Idea. An anonymous insider claims the co-stars shared a “million-dollar peace summit.” The two have now apparently buried the hatchet and are ready to start work on a third Sex and the City film. The years-long delay hasn’t been due to any animosity, the so-called insider claims. The issues were over timing, money, and an “awful” script. This article concludes that “from a financial perspective, it’s a no-brainer.”


We won’t dispute that a third Sex and the City film would be highly lucrative and truly a “no-brainer,” but many are highly skeptical of this story. News about this film would never be relegated to a single print tabloid, and the fissures between Cattrall and Parker run too deep to be hand-waved past.

Anytime you see a big casting story on the front page of a tabloid, you should immediately be skeptical. For instance, this same tabloid recently ran a story about Meghan Markle trying to work with Tom Cruise in an upcoming film. This rumor was limited to this one tabloid and I debunked it. News of a new Sex and the City will be on the front page of every Hollywood paper, not buried in one single tabloid.

Cattrall and Parker have been publicly at odds for years now. Emanating from a “clique”esque culture on the set of the show, Cattrall and Parker have never been that close. Two films did nothing to assuage any tension, tensions that came to a head in 2018 when Cattrall’s brother tragically passed away. After Parker posted her sympathies on Instagram, Cattrall’s bold reply eliminated any chance at a third film soon.

Furthermore, news of a new Sex and The City has been a hot topic for tabloids. Star Magazine claimed Parker was trying to bribe Cattrall into coming back. A source close to Parker said that story wasn’t true, making this most recent story all the more unlikely.

RadarOnline ran another story claiming Heidi Klum wanted to take on Cattrall’s role for a third film. We debunked that phony story too, as there is no evidence that Parker would ever recast Cattrall. Cattrall’s disdain for a third film is what appears to be stalling production, so, if recasting rumors are true, it probably would have happened by now.


Sarah Jessica Parker was recently at the center of another phony story from this very same tabloid when it claimed she and husband Matthew Broderick had a rough public outing at a beach. Since the two were all smiles in photos from this beach trip, so the tales of a rough patch were debunked. New Idea appears to have no true insight in Parker’s marriage, so why would they have intimate knowledge of her friendships?

This years old rivalry may dissipate with time, but there has been no reconciliation news in years. The claims in this magazine all come from one single anonymous insider. If reconciliation actually happens, we’ll probably hear about it from Parker and Cattrall themselves. It’s possible that a third film is indeed in the works, but no one knows if the rumor is true.


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