To 1,000 years behind bars in Georgia for possessing a massive stash of kiddie porn was freed on parole after a shocking appeals court ruling!

Perv Peter Mallory, 72, was slammed with the hefty jail term in 2012, when a circuit judge called him “probably the most prolific collector of child pornography in the entire world.” Officials said at the time of his arrest, Mallory owned an independent television station in Georgia.


When the station was raided by law enforcement, investigators said they found more than 26,000 files of child pornography on Mallory’s computer. “The evidence demonstrated that Mallory knowingly and intentionally sought out, gathered, downloaded and videos of children being raped, tortured and sexually exploited,” District

Attorney Herb Cranford said in a press release.

Late last year, Cranford had cautioned the parole board, “No amount of supervision can stop a compulsive sexual deviant like Mallory from seeking out the most heinous images and videos of small children being sexually abused.”


But Mallory was sprung from the slammer on May 27 — three weeks after an appeals court ruled he’d served enough time!

An angry Cranford griped he was “powerless” to stop his release.

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