My Dreams of Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, Vivica. A Fox , and maybe Kendrick Lamar or Travis Scott

First of all, I’m not saying that I’m psychic or anything, but I had dreams about Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, who later gets diagnosed with COVID. I also had a dream about Vivica A Foxx, who I finished a script for, but haven’t done voiceover yet. To later find out she’s been diagnosed with COVID, and to later be tested negative.

But there’s one dream that scares me. I once began to dream it, but then I stop because of the feeling of regret and the story behind it.

I named both Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar because the dream was me watching threw an old video photograph from a distance. And it was being shown as a news broadcast. The rapper was black, and he had random braids in his hair, like Scott or Lamar.

He’d been accused of doing something with two young ladies. They were black. While watching it, I felt regret and innocence. The backlash was too much to bear. He was set up, and he had already served time. But whatever he’d done to these young ladies were brutal.

The person who’d done it, I think he was black, and he set up Lamar or Scott (I think).

They didn’t talk about the alleged real killer. I just saw a picture of him in the corner of the video. You guys, this won’t be good! I had to force myself to wakeup. I HOPE I’M WRONG!

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