The Royal’s Throws Shade for PRINCE HARRY’S 36th BIRTHDAY!

THEIR wishes were sweet. But as Prince Harry’s family took to social media to wish him a happy 36th birthday Sept. 15, there was someone missing from every single pic they posted: Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, mom to 1-year-old Archie. Fans were quick to call the royals out. “Interesting photo selection! No Meghan,” read one comment on the shot selected by Harry’s older brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, both 38, of the trio racing at London’s Olympic Park in 2017. Another marveled: “The shade.”

Things didn’t get much better at the low-key party Meghan, 39, threw for her husband at their new Montecito pad. “Not one of Harry’s friends was there,” an insider tells Star. “It was all Meghan’s showbiz pals who he’s only met once or twice. He felt totally out of place.” While the former Suits star happily mingled with her Hollywood friends, Harry hung to the side, adds the insider. And, per his wife’s rules, the onetime prince of partying even had to keep a cap on how much he drank. “Harry was hoping to have a couple of drinks,” says the insider, who reveals that, at one point, Harry “considered sneaking off to the bedroom with a couple of beers,” but stayed for fear of embarrassing his wife. “Her friends just aren’t his scene,” says the insider. “It all made him nostalgic for his old life, and his pals in England.”


It didn’t help that he was turning 36 — the same age his beloved mother Princess Diana was when she tragically died in a 1997 car accident. “It triggered his grief,” the insider shares. “He wasn’t in the mood to be social.”



In the past, Harry might have reached out to William and Kate, shared a few laughs with his father Prince Charles, 71, or enjoyed the company of Queen Elizabeth II, 94, who loves to dote on her favorite grandson. But this year, the insider says, he had to content himself with their social-media birthday wishes: “They didn’t even send gifts.”

Still, the day did have its bright spots. Meghan baked Harry a cake, and gifted him with a portrait of the two of them with their son. And of course, there was Archie himself to put a smile on Dad’s face. “Archie had everyone in hysterics when he put his hands in the birthday cake,” the insider says. “It was adorable.”★

Little does anyone know, it was Prince Harry decision to leave his family not Megan Markle. But the UK, and not to mention Piers Morgan blames Markle for everything.


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