THE END TIMES ARE HERE! Chilling prophecies by Rasputin, Cayce and Nostradamus

THE coronavirus plague, natural disasters, the stock market crash, civil unrest, raging wildfires and gruesome death are all signs we are now living in the biblical End Times, top scholars leaked a chilling world exclusive!

After studying the writings of famed American seer Edgar Cayce, Russia’s Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin and French alchemist Michel de Nostradamus, the experts believe today’s troubles were foretold but global leaders simply ignored the inconvenient truth to pursue their own selfish plans for wealth, power and glory!

“Now America — and the world — are paying the price,” says an Ivy League professor, who asked to preserve his anonymity.

COVID-19, lockdown, financial ruin and all the lost lives could have been prevented if we just listened and learned.


In his book Les Propheties published in 1555, Nostradamus’ cryptic verses correctly foretold “plague and captivity” would strike “the new world” and “Lombardy” this year. He saw the international travel ban writing, “brothers and sisters captive in diverse places.”

He also said the virus would attack New York City: “The great plague of the maritime city,” adding it would happen when “Saturn moved into Aquarius,” which amazingly was March 21, when the Big Apple went into quarantine and the stock market began its epic slide!

Nearly 400 years later, Rasputin wrote of “diverse plagues falling upon mankind three score years” after the Russian bear defeats “the twisted cross,” which experts say is a vision of the Nazi swastika and World War II. Rasputin, who served Russia’s last czar, believed this would signal the beginning of the biblical apocalypse.

Meanwhile, clairvoyant Cayce, who died in 1945, predicted the current wildfires plaguing the West Coast, according to scholars.

The Virginia Beach seer foresaw polar shifts, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters caused by climate change! He insisted these changes — marked by plunging ocean temperatures — were also signals the world’s end was upon us. Although, history may have revealed this may have happened already.

However, Nostradamus’ predictions give humanity a bit more time — though his outlook was equally grim.


He claimed a new 27-year war would start in 2020 after a time of civil unrest, famine and financial collapse. But this may not be a war with actual bombs, and grenades and burning buildings. It could be a civil/race war that will last for 27 years.

He wrote: “The third big war will begin when the hermit’s shooting flames leaves the big city burning,” which analysts have interpreted as a missile attack on Los Angeles launched by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un! That’s been happening because of some of the videos released during this alleged forest fire pandemic. That shows the fire starting from the ground.

Some Techs, Biochemist, and Scientist have leaked to us that upon experimentation of the 5g towers, that was initiated in China. There may have been some specs in the placements of these towers that caused the ground to heat and start forest fires.

Also a fight that Trump had started, by calling him vial names.

Says a Nostradamus expert, “We’re in big trouble around Christmas when the money markets go into free fall and desperate political figures do anything to seize power or stay in control. I fear war is imminent.”

“We are living in the age of the End Times Prophecies.”


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