JONBENET’S GRAVE DESECRATED! Fears devil worshippers set fires on slain tyke’s final resting place

Bizarre ritual REVEALED!

LITTLE beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey’s family is facing new horror after the murdered child’s grave was defiled in a shocking incident investigators fear is linked to Satanic rituals, sources leaked.


Although a cemetery crew at St. James Episcopal Church in Marietta, Ga., made the ghastly discovery on April 27, the slain six-year-old’s father, John Ramsey, says he didn’t learn of the desecration until last month!

Oct 20, 1999 – Marietta, Georgia, USA – JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case: Jon Benet Ramsey’ grave site covered with graffitti after the court ruled there was not enough evidence to charge anyone. (Credit Image: © Zuma Archive/

Church attorney William Brumby says dry leaves and pine needles were used to build a fire on top of the marble slab covering JonBenet’s grave, which is located just behind her mother Patsy’s final resting place.

“It was something unusual because usually people come to the grave and leave little trinkets but nothing like this,” says Brumby, who notes the incident was not reported to local police.

The thing shocked us. It was something that felt occult-ish — like who would put a fire on someone’s grave? It was just strange.” Renowned cult expert Steven Hassan of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center says graveyard rituals are practiced by “small Satanic cults, often with dismembered animals.

Another expert in the occult adds, The tragic case of JonBenet has attracted a significant number of freaks and pedophiles, some of whom have been linked to devil worship.


They were most likely performing this as some sort of sick ritual attempt to make the girl’s spirit rise from the grave, to try and communicate with her, or even to send a message.

Internet posts have made links between JonBenet’s name and Jonbet, which they claim is the Illuminati name for the devil.

Bizarre theories about JonBenet’s homicide have persisted since her Christmas 1996 death in her family’s Boulder, Colo., home. Some speculate the adorable tyke, who was strangled and sexually abused, could have been sacrificed as part of a bizarre satanic ritual. However, detectives have scoffed at the idea.


But vandals also defiled JonBenet’s grave in October 1999 — scribbling “No Justice in U.S.A.” on the marble slab, shortly after a Colorado grand jury failed to indict anyone for the murder following a 13-month investigation.

Brumby speculates the latest case could be the result of bored kids, who didn’t have anything better to do. But the little girl’s cemetery is surrounded by an eight-foot fence and hard to reach.

However, Brumby says creeps have also “pestered” the grave of 13-year-old Mary Phagan — who like JonBenet was found with a cord knotted around her neck and a deep head wound — in a sensational 1913 murder case that led to her convicted killer, Leo Frank, being lynched by an angry mob.


She’s buried at the Marietta City Cemetery, about a mile from JonBenet.

Brumby says church officials “just want to let JonBenet rest in peace and not have all this commotion going on.”


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