DOLLY & ELVIS: THE REAL STORY, How country queen fell for King of Rock!

LOVESTRUCK Dolly Parton was so All Shook Up when she met Elvis Presley, she nearly chucked her marriage and career to shack up with the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, insiders dish. Sources say the 74-year old Jolene songbird is finally ready to tell all about Elvis after decades of protecting her hubby, Carl Dean, and Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie.

She just wants to set the record straight, relay what went down and how much he meant to her, spills an insider. Dolly was in her early 20s and Elvis was in his late 30s when they had their sizzling encounter, sources say.


The buxom beauty got dolled up to meet the Hound Dog hunk in a Nashville office and discuss working together, say spies. She wanted to catch his eye and still feels a little guilty about that, says the insider. He always liked a woman with a nice figure, big hair and lots of mascara, and she was all that. But it was Dolly who “fell under his spell,” the source reveals. He was even handsomer, and there was a boyish quality about it that went straight to her heart.

“I Will Always Love You“ He wanted to do a duet and she was tempted, but she didn’t trust herself to work with him. She knew the moment she got in the recording studio she’d want to be with him and that could spell the end of her marriage.

Despite her attraction and the career boost a duet would bring, Dolly said no to Elvis offer, thanked him kindly and walked out of that room, the insider dishes. They spoke a few times on the phone and she always got a little shaky hearing his deep voice and it took all her might to resist him.

She wouldn’t even let Elvis do a cover of her song I Will Always Love You — which Whitney Houston would eventually sing.

It would’ve seemed ironic because that’s how she felt about Elvis! She loved him then and she loves him now, though he’s been gone for almost half a century. Dolly is also still torn, wondering “if she could have saved him from his demons,” tattles the insider. Elvis died at age 42 in 1977, bloated and overweight. She would have liked to have had a talk with him. He might’ve listened to her.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Dolly has confessed to “an emotional affair” that left her guilt-ridden and on the brink of suicide. However, she has never named the Hollywood hunk. Now sources say Elvis was the one!

Dolly Parton and Dean Carl

Dolly didn’t actually cheat on Carl, but she was sure tempted. She’s felt guilty about it ever since,adds the insider. The news about Elvis will be devastating, but she wants to let Carl know she loves him, too, and to say sorry before time and illness catch up with them.

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