NEWLY discovered documents reveal Republican Richard Nixon REALLY won the 1960 presidential election — and his Democratic rival, John F. Kennedy, used dirty tricks to capture the White House, stunned sources leaked.

Now, 60 years after the controversial close election, sources say they’ve uncovered explosive voting records and archives from Chicago revealing massive ballot tampering, fraud and poll intimidation that allowed Kennedy to steal the election with the help of mobsters and shady politicians linked to his bootlegger father, Joe!

Although Kennedy won by just 118,000 popular votes out of 69 million ballots nationwide, Illinois was at the heart of the fraud due to the Electoral College system, which actually determines the winner, insiders say. Kennedy finished with a slender 8,858 margin out of 4.8 million ballots cast in the state — capturing Illinois’ key 27 electoral votes, which put the final nail in Nixon’s coffin.

Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley worked with his city’s mob boss, Sam Giancana, to rig the election after a secret midnight deal with the Kennedy patriarch, sources say. Joe Kennedy was on the phone with Mayor Daley saying: ‘We need more votes in Cook County!’ ” says presidential historian Doug Wead. “This whole process was actually tape-recorded by the FBI!”


Sam and his gangster pals poured buckets of money and mob muscle into Kennedy’s campaign in return for promises the new president would go easy on organized crime, sources say. The Chicago mob trucked people from precinct to precinct to vote numerous times or stood menacingly by polling booths bullying people to cast ballots for Kennedy, according to the newly discovered documents.

Illegal Voting Tactics

Some voters were promised five dollars, a warm meal or booze at local bars if they voted for the right candidate — which are all illegal tactics! Local ward committeemen flooded nursing homes to “help” the elderly cast absentee ballots by holding their hands! The voter fraud scheme was caught by FBI agents who had wiretapped the phones of Daley’s lieutenants during a separate investigation, insiders say.

“The Mafia also strong armed the unions — forcing them to vote the way it wanted,” Wead says.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, New York investigator Earl Mazo found massive fraud in Illinois and in Texas, home of JFK’s running mate, Lyndon B. Johnson. There was a cemetery where the names on the tombstones were registered and voted. Mazo wrote in the now-defunct New York Herald. I remember a house. It was completely gutted. There was nobody there. But there were 56 votes for Kennedy. Victories in Illinois and Texas, where Kennedy won by a mere 46,000 votes, gave him enough Electoral College votes to secure a victory that changed the course of American history, says Wead.

Nixon, who was the sitting vice president, quietly grumbled about dirty tricks and ballot tampering, but never demanded a recount. At the time, people slammed Nixon for being a sore loser, but he was right,” says a source. “The election was stolen and he should have been president!


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