Trump wins Alaska, his electoral college tally goes up to 217

Donald Trump’s dedication to overturning election results by any means necessary. Doing a recount is not for fairness. It’s to get the count change in his favor. It’s been reported in WASHINGTON: US President  Donald Trump  has won the closely-fought  presidential election  in the state of  Alaska, winning three electoral college votes and taking his tally to 217.
The Republican Party has also retained the Senate seat from Alaska, giving it 50 seats in the 100-member United States Senate.

When the election was called in Alaska, Trump had received 56.9 per cent of the total votes counted and President-elect  Joe Biden from the Democratic Party with 39.1 per cent.
With this, Trump’s tally of electoral college votes has increased to 217, as per the count maintained by The New York Times.

Biden has already been declared winner of the November 3 presidential election with 279 of the 538 electoral college votes. Trump has refused to concede and has filed lawsuits in multiple states, challenging election results.


The election results in Alaska also gave the Republican Party an edge over the Democrats in the Senate. Republican senator Dan Sullivan won his Senate re-election bid. This gives the Republicans 50 Senate seats, while the Democrats have 48. The two Senate seats are going in for elections on January 5.

“President Trump and Senate Republicans win Alaska, overwhelmingly and by a massive 20 point spread!” Ivanka Trump, daughter of Trump and a presidential advisor, said in a tweet.


Listen to Van Jones explain

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