TORMENTED Wendy Williams suffered a shocking meltdown on live TV — slurring Adele’s name and mangling words — and leading a medical expert to warn she could be headed for a catastrophic stroke, or death, if she doesn’t get help!

The troubled 56-year-old daytime host, whose health and private life have been a heartbreaking mess, shocked viewers by pronouncing Adele’s name as “Ho-dele,” and the word “sock” as “saw,” while also blanking out several times during her chat with the 32-year-old Hello songbird on Oct. 23.

Now insiders and experts worry Wendy suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a type of stroke, says a source.

When she walked onstage, she was zig zagging. She couldn’t pronounce the word ‘jealous’ and seemed confused,” spills an insider. She couldn’t say Adele’s name properly and even one syllable words were difficult for her.

Her eyes bugged out and she couldn’t focus. A member of the crew had to intervene when she seemed to forget what she was talking about.

“She also burped as though she couldn’t control her bodily functions.”

A TIA is a stroke like attack that lasts several minutes and is often accompanied by weakness on one side of the body, slurred speech and vision problems, say experts.

It can last a few minutes and disappear, but it can lead to a stroke and even death.

New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer says Wendy’s “symptoms are consistent with TIA” and urges her “to see a neurologist and have certain tests done like a cat scan and MRI, and a cerebral angiogram.

It’s a big deal,” adds Fischer, who has not treated Wendy.


If someone blanks out, they might be having a seizure or TIA, which can last for 20 minutes.

If left unchecked it precedes to a full-blown stroke where the brain doesn’t work and parts of the body become paralyzed.

“They could die!”

Wendy’s odd ball behavior is nothing new. A recovering boozer and cocaine junkie, she fainted onair during a Halloween 2017 episode, has struggled with hormone issues from Grave’s disease and endured a heartrending divorce from hubby Kevin Hunter, who had knocked up his secret younger lover.

Her goofy interview with Adele had fans griping on the internet.

Yo whoever let @WendyWilliams on air today should be fired. I don’t even know if she’s said a full sentence,” posts a fan.

A second tweets: “Something is definitely off about her.

A third rips: Do I think the Wendy Show is a hot a** mess? Yes.

The insider adds: “Friends are begging her to get medical attention, ASAP.


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