ARETHA SONS’ WAR OVER $80M WILL EATING UP CASH! Lawyers are BIG winners – for now

ARETHA Franklin’s $80 million fortune is fast being gobbled up by lawyers — because bickering family members refuse to end a ferocious feud over the loot! Last year Aretha’s estate paid more than a half-million dollars in fees to legal eagles in the brawl that exploded after the singer’s Aug. 16, 2018, cancer death. New... Continue Reading →

Rapper Pop Smoke Shot Dead in L.A. Bashar Jackson was murdered when masked gunmen broke into the house where he was staying

You know it's starting to look like someone is seeking out these new upcoming star rappers at the height of their career. Destroy and Dominate! Pop Smoke, the rising New York rapper whose gruff-voiced style made fans of stars like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Wednesday. A... Continue Reading →


Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey & Chris Tucker partied on high-flying pervert’s plane FORMER Prez Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express, the private jet owned by dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who stocked the winged bordello with a bevy of young beauties to fawn over his powerful and rich male passengers. One of... Continue Reading →

The Ice Bucket Challenge Provides for a Lesson In Black History: “The Water Torture” Read More: The Ice Bucket Challenge Provides for a Lesson In Black History: “The Water Torture”

The viral "Ice Bucket Challenge"was proven to be a beneficial means of creating awareness about and raising funds for ALS Research....however, this seemingly NEW Phenomenon is not really new at all....If we examine History, we find that the "Ice Bucket Challenge" was used in a different manner during Slavery. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" was know,... Continue Reading →

Wendy Williams Judges Amber Rose’s New Face Tattoo: ‘Why Would You Ruin Your Forehead?’

Wendy Williams isn’t here for Amber Rose’s bold new look! During a recent episode of Wendy’s namesake show, the legendary TV personality confessed that she isn’t a big fan of the model’s decision to get tattoos of the names of her two sons, Sebastian Taylor, 7, and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, 3 months, on her... Continue Reading →

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